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10 'The Phantom of the Opera'
          From: 'Iron Maiden'

(1980) Featured on Iron Maiden's self-titled debut album, 'Phantom of the Opera' acted as a precursor to what would become one of the band's greatest strengths. The seven-minute piece was Maiden's first foray into the world of progressive metal, and the track is still performed live by the band to this day. Paul Di'Anno's voice shapes 'Phantom of the Opera' tremendously, while the guitar and bass follow Di'Anno's vocal pattern in daring unison.

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Scott got an F on the NAACP annual scorecard. He voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, he voted to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt of Congress, opposed the Congressional Black Caucus’s budget proposal and voted to delay funding a settlement between the United States and black farmers who alleged that the federal government refused them loans because of their race.

Scott got an F on the NAACP annual scorecard. He voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, he voted to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt of Congress, opposed the Congressional Black Caucus’s budget proposal and voted to delay funding a settlement between the United States and black farmers who alleged that the federal government refused them loans because of their race.

Scott got an F on the NAACP annual scorecard. He voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, he voted to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt of Congress, opposed the Congressional Black Caucus’s budget proposal and voted to delay funding a settlement between the United States and black farmers who alleged that the federal government refused them loans because of their race.

At a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Secretary of State John Kerry took a shot at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over sanctions with Iran. (AP)
2 so a couple of weeks ago I talked about 00:05 Hillary Clinton's trip to India 00:06 specifically comments that she made 00:08 about the 2016 election that were pretty 00:12 pretentious she claimed that she only 00:14 won the areas of the country that were 00:17 forward-thinking whereas Donald Trump 00:19 won the areas of the country where 00:21 there's a bunch of people that are just 00:23 racist now I already told you my 00:25 thoughts on that so if you want to hear 00:27 what I had to say you can watch the 00:28 video I'll link to it down below but 00:31 after she received a lot of backlash for 00:34 those comments expectedly so well she 00:37 decided to fire back at her critics and 00:39 essentially she said that anyone who 00:42 disagreed with her and told her to shut 00:43 up and go away they're just sexist is 00:50 anyone surprised by this 00:51 I'm not because identity politics is the 00:54 only tactic she uses to fire back at 00:59 critics but nonetheless this is what she 01:00 had to say I was really struck by how 01:04 people said that to me you know mostly 01:06 people in the press for whatever reason 01:10 like oh you know go away go away 01:12 and I had a one of the young people 01:15 works for me go back and do a bit of 01:17 research they never said that to any man 01:20 who was not elected now this was during 01:24 a talk she had at Rutgers now that 01:27 comment right there drew the most 01:29 criticism and this is really what we've 01:31 come to expect from Hillary Clinton and 01:33 neoliberal Democrats if they don't have 01:35 a legitimate response to your argument 01:38 will they pivot to identity politics and 01:40 say well you simply disagree with me and 01:42 you're telling me to shut up and go away 01:44 because you're sexist or homophobic and 01:46 this is the same tactic we see from the 01:49 Israeli government when we criticize war 01:51 crimes and their illegal occupation of 01:54 Palestine what do they do they tell us 01:56 that we're anti-semitic so this is the 01:58 same neoliberal tactic if you don't have 02:01 a legitimate response this is what you 02:03 have to do those of us with legitimate 02:05 arguments don't have to pivot to 02:07 identity politics because our arguments 02:09 are strong enough themselves but I 02:12 actually don't want to only 02:13 focus on her sexism comments because she 02:15 actually did a pretty thoughtful 02:19 critique of the Republican Party 02:21 everything that she's said here 02:22 essentially what's correct the problem 02:25 is that what she said was pretty ironic 02:28 because her diagnosis of the main 02:30 problems within the Republican Party is 02:32 also applicable to the Democratic Party 02:35 as well both parties have their faults I 02:37 will I will premise what I'm about to 02:39 say and we can all do better and I can 02:43 certainly do better I mean obviously in 02:45 the heat of battle and political 02:47 back-and-forth I've said things that you 02:49 know I would like to take back we all 02:53 are like that but I do worry that what's 02:56 happened to the Republican Party is that 03:00 it's being held captive by a very small 03:03 group of powerful forces we have seen 03:08 the power of the NRA for example and 03:14 some of the very wealthy patrons of the 03:18 Republican Party are so demanding if you 03:24 if you deviate from their stated 03:28 requests they will fund somebody to run 03:31 against you in a Republican primary they 03:34 will dry up your money they will make it 03:37 really difficult now I would still like 03:40 to see some Republicans stand up and say 03:42 go ahead and try it and defend 03:45 themselves but I understand I understand 03:50 how intense the partisanship is within 03:54 the Republican Party so that you worry 03:58 about somebody on your far right coming 04:02 in to try to defeat you in the primary 04:04 and you end up kind of going along and 04:08 wondering what you can do in the future 04:11 and the only way to remedy that is to 04:15 make it very clear we are just not going 04:16 to accept that kind of politics you know 04:19 I was the first person to run for 04:22 president who had to deal with both 04:25 Citizens United 04:27 and the gutting of the Voting Rights Act 04:31 so with citizens united it was all bets 04:36 are off more money than we've ever seen 04:38 and being spent in ways we still to this 04:41 day don't know I mean the NRA spent more 04:43 money against me than they've ever spent 04:45 against anybody and all these other 04:47 groups were just pumping it out because 04:51 with the Citizens United decision we 04:54 can't stop it and we can't even follow 04:56 it and we often don't even know after 04:59 the fact and then the Voting Rights Act 05:02 which was gutted opened the door to 05:06 voter suppression like we haven't seen 05:07 in 50 years and so people are being 05:11 turned away from the polls because they 05:15 don't have the exact right ID although 05:18 they bring everything else they possibly 05:20 can bring and they're being purged from 05:23 voting rolls because maybe they haven't 05:24 voted in a year or two and now if things 05:28 don't look like they'll go your way 05:29 you've got a governor in Wisconsin 05:31 trying to stop elections so the problems 05:35 are deep and they are ones that if we 05:39 don't address regardless of party that's 05:42 why we I'm so I'm so missing John 05:45 McCain's voice right now because you can 05:48 disagree with John but he will stand up 05:51 for democratic values and democratic 05:54 institutions 06:03 and other Republicans who have spoken 06:05 out are retiring they're leaving right 06:08 here in New Jersey and in Pennsylvania 06:10 and in states across America they're 06:14 leaving because they know they will be 06:17 shown no understanding by the hard right 06:20 and the money that funds it so I'll give 06:24 her credit for admitting that 06:26 both parties have problems but Hillary 06:30 by saying both parties have problems and 06:33 then going on to explain that 06:35 Republicans have this specific problem 06:37 with donors you're implying that 06:40 Democrats don't also have this issue I 06:42 mean think about her criticism she 06:43 states here the Republican Party is 06:45 being held captive by a very small group 06:47 of powerful forces who does I sound like 06:49 to you 06:50 also the Democratic Party as well she 06:53 also said here some of the very wealthy 06:56 patrons of the Republican Party are so 06:58 demanding if you deviate from their 07:00 stated requests they will fund somebody 07:03 to run against you in a Republican 07:04 primary right that's technically true 07:06 but Hillary isn't this also true for the 07:10 Democratic Party as well let's say 07:12 hypothetically speaking that someone in 07:14 the Democratic Party wanted to shirk 07:16 their donors in the health insurance 07:18 industry and after taking tens of 07:20 thousands of dollars from health 07:21 insurance companies they decided to 07:23 endorse Medicare for all do you not 07:24 think that those health insurers would 07:27 be equally demanding of the Democratic 07:29 Party there's a reason why companies 07:31 like Cigna and Aetna are spending 07:35 thousands upon thousands of dollars on 07:38 anti Medicare for all Democrats it's 07:40 because they want to keep the status quo 07:41 so you can state that the Republican 07:43 Party's donors are certainly demanding 07:45 but that's also equally true with regard 07:48 to the Democratic Party's donors as well 07:49 she also states here I was the first 07:51 person who had to run for president who 07:53 had to deal with both citizens united 07:55 and the gutting of the Voting Rights Act 07:57 so with citizens united it was all bets 08:00 are off with more money being spent than 08:02 we've ever seen 08:03 the NRA spent more money against me than 08:05 we they've ever spent against anybody 08:07 and with citizens united we can't stop 08:09 it and we can't even follow it and we 08:11 don't even know after the facts now what 08:14 she's saying here is probably the most I 08:17 Roenick and hypocritical of anything she 08:19 said because even though she's trying to 08:20 paint herself as the victim she's not 08:23 the victim she actually raised more than 08:25 a billion dollars for her 2016 08:28 presidential campaign and according to 08:30 the New York Times outside money favored 08:32 her over Donald Trump by a two-to-one 08:34 margin and she actually maintained a 08:36 three to one spending edge over Donald 08:40 Trump when it comes to television ads 08:42 ran in swing states not to mention she 08:44 also raised millions upon millions of 08:46 dollars from super PACs that's dark 08:49 money so she's talking about here how oh 08:52 you know you can't trace this money 08:54 since citizens united well she still 08:56 benefitted from citizens united she did 09:00 so I mean I find everything she's saying 09:02 here so hypocritical and she can't even 09:05 realize how ironic all her criticisms of 09:08 the Republican Party are now she also 09:11 states here and then the Voting Rights 09:12 Act which was gutted opened the door to 09:14 voter suppression like we haven't seen 09:15 in 50 years and so people are being 09:17 turned away from the polls because they 09:19 don't have the exact right ID and 09:21 they're being purged from the voting 09:22 rolls and now if things don't go your 09:25 way 09:25 you've got a governor in Wisconsin 09:27 trying to stop elections and again she 09:30 doesn't realize her own faults here and 09:32 the irony of what she's saying she won 09:36 the Democratic Party primary because the 09:39 DNC resorted to voter suppression 09:41 tactics how many state Democratic 09:45 parties shut out independence from 09:48 democratic party primaries because they 09:51 weren't registered in time as Democrats 09:54 she talks about voters being purged from 09:57 the rolls 09:57 well between a hundred and seventeen to 10:00 two hundred thousand voters were purged 10:01 in New York illegally so she had nothing 10:04 to say about that and they were purged 10:06 in a pro Bernie district now certainly 10:09 this could have been accidental but if 10:11 she cares about voters being purged from 10:13 the voting rolls wouldn't she at least 10:15 denounce what happened in New York and 10:18 additionally her campaign with the help 10:20 of the mainstream media inflated their 10:22 pledged delegate lead by Counting 10:24 super-delegates that hadn't even voted 10:26 yet and super-delegates generally 10:29 speaking is a way to brazenly 10:30 elections if things quote don't go your 10:33 way so I find everything that she's 10:35 saying here so nauseating and 10:37 infuriating because she says all this 10:40 about the Republican Party and is it 10:41 true yes absolutely but she doesn't 10:43 realize that the same thing she's saying 10:47 about the Republican Party is also 10:49 applicable to Democrats hence why she 10:51 lost it's because the Democratic Party 10:53 is just as corrupt as the Republican 10:55 Party the difference is that they've 10:57 been corrupted by different types of 10:59 donors and different types of 11:00 billionaires so I find this so 11:04 frustrating and that's really the 11:06 problem with Democrats they continuously 11:09 denounce the Republican Party's right 11:11 wing billionaire funders and I'm glad 11:13 that they do that but if you're gonna 11:15 denounce them you also have to walk the 11:18 walk yourself and denounce the 11:20 Democratic Party's donors as well but 11:22 this is why Hillary Clinton lost and why 11:24 the Democratic Party establishment is 11:26 even less popular today than they were 11:29 when Hillary Clinton was running it's 11:31 because they refused to have any sort of 11:33 introspection whatsoever they refused to 11:35 see the legitimate grievances that 11:38 voters have with them all you have to do 11:41 when you're talking about Republicans is 11:43 look in the mirror because if you see 11:45 the problem with Republicans and don't 11:47 see how the same issues plagued the 11:49 Democratic Party that I don't know what 11:51 to tell you you're just lost support 11:55 this podcast by becoming a patron at 11:57 patreon.com forward slash humanist

there's an editorial in the near times 00:28 that I guess will appear in tomorrow's 00:30 paper 00:31 yeah because today's the 10th and 00:34 they're usually a day behind from from 00:38 you know from the web New York Times 00:41 anyway I got to share this with you 00:43 listen up why don't we take a step back 00:47 and contemplate what Americans and the 00:49 world are witnessing early Monday 00:54 morning FBI agents raided the New York 00:57 office home and hotel room of the 01:04 personal lawyer for the President of the 01:06 United States they seized evidence of 01:09 possible federal crimes including bank 01:11 fraud wire fraud campaign finance 01:13 violations related to payoffs made to 01:15 women including a porn actress who say 01:18 they had affairs with the president 01:20 before he took office and were paid off 01:22 and intimidated into silence that 01:26 evening last night the president 01:29 surrounded himself with the top American 01:31 military officials and launched unbidden 01:34 into a tirade against the top American 01:38 law enforcement officials officials of 01:40 his own government accusing them of what 01:44 he called an attack on our country 01:47 oh also The Times report a Monday 01:52 evening that investigators were 01:54 examining a hundred and fifty thousand 01:55 dollar donation to the president's 01:58 personal foundation from a Ukrainian 02:01 steel magnate given during the American 02:05 presidential campaign in exchange for a 02:08 twenty minute video appearance from 02:10 Trump meanwhile the president former 02:13 campaign chairman is under indictment 02:15 and his former national security adviser 02:18 has pleaded guilty to lying to 02:20 investigators his son-in-law and other 02:22 associates are also under investigation 02:25 this is your president ladies and 02:28 gentlemen this is how Donald Trump does 02:32 business and these are the kinds of 02:35 people he surrounds himself 02:38 with mr. Champa spent his career in the 02:42 company of developers and celebrities 02:44 and also of grifters con sharks goons 02:47 and crooks he cuts corners he lies he 02:50 cheats he brags about it and for the 02:53 most part he's gotten away with it 02:55 protected by threats of litigation hush 02:58 money and his own bravado those methods 03:02 may be proving to have their limits when 03:05 they are applied from the Oval Office 03:07 the Republican leaders in Congress still 03:10 keep a cowardly silence mr. Trump now 03:15 has real reason to be afraid a raid on a 03:20 lawyer's office doesn't happen every day 03:22 it means that multiple government 03:25 officials and a federal judge had reason 03:29 to believe that they'd find evidence of 03:31 a crime there and that they didn't trust 03:33 the lawyer not to destroy that evidence 03:36 on Monday 03:39 when he appeared with his national 03:41 security team mr. Trump whose motto 03:44 could be the buck stops anywhere but 03:47 here 03:48 angrily blamed everyone he could think 03:51 of for what he called the unfairness of 03:54 the investigation that has already 03:56 consumed the first year of his 03:57 presidency yet is only now starting to 04:01 heat up 04:01 he said Attorney General Jeff Sessions 04:04 made quote a very terrible mistake end 04:06 quote by recusing himself from 04:08 overseeing the investigation the 04:10 implication being that are more loyal 04:13 Attorney General would have instructed 04:15 justice and blocked the investigation he 04:19 complained about what he called the 04:20 horrible things that Hillary Clinton did 04:23 and what he called all of the crimes 04:27 that were committed he called the a-team 04:30 and investigators from the office of the 04:32 Special Counsel robert muller quote the 04:35 most biased group of people as for mr. 04:38 mother himself we'll see what happens 04:41 mr. Trump said many people have said you 04:43 should fire him in fact 04:49 the raids on the premises used by mr. 04:51 Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen were 04:54 conducted by the public corruption unit 04:56 of the federal Attorney's Office and 04:59 Manhattan and at the request not of the 05:02 special counsels team but under a search 05:05 warrant that investigators in New York 05:08 obtained following a referral by mr. 05:12 Muller who first consulted with the 05:14 Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein 05:17 to sum up a Republican appointed former 05:22 FBI director consulted with the 05:24 Republican appointed Deputy Attorney 05:26 General who then authorized a referral 05:29 to an FBI field office not known for its 05:33 anti-trump bias deep state indeed mr. 05:40 Trump also railed against the 05:42 authorities who he said broke into mr. 05:45 Cohen's office attorney-client privilege 05:48 is dead the president tweeted early this 05:51 morning during what was presumably his 05:53 executive time he's wrong the privilege 05:58 is one of the most sacrosanct in the 05:59 American legal system but it does not 06:03 protect communications in furtherance of 06:05 a crime anyway one might ask if this is 06:09 all a big witch-hunt and mr. Trump has 06:12 nothing illegal or untoward to hide why 06:15 does he care about the privilege in the 06:17 first place 06:19 the answer is of course he has a lot to 06:23 hide this wasn't even the first early 06:28 morning raid of a close Trump associate 06:30 that distinction goes to Paul Manafort 06:32 mr. Trump's former campaign chairman and 06:35 Russian oligarch whisperer 06:36 who now faces a slate of federal charges 06:40 long enough to land him in prison for 06:42 the rest of his life and what a mr. 06:44 Cohen he's already been cut loose by his 06:48 law firm and when the charges start 06:50 rolling in he'll likely get the same 06:53 treatment from mr. Trump 06:57 the grotesquerie that faded into the 06:59 background of mr. Trump's carnival of 07:01 misgovernment during the past 24 hours 07:03 was that Monday's meeting was ostensibly 07:07 called 07:08 to discuss a matter of global 07:10 significance a reported chemical weapons 07:13 attack on Syrian civilians mr. Trump 07:16 instead made it about him with his 07:21 narcissistic and self pitying claim that 07:24 the investigation represented an attack 07:27 on the country in Trump's word in a true 07:31 sense no mr. Trump a true attack on 07:37 America is what happened on say 07:39 September 11 2001 remember that one 07:42 thousands of people lost their lives 07:45 your response was to point out that the 07:49 fall of the Twin Towers meant your 07:51 building was now the tallest in downtown 07:53 Manhattan of course that also wasn't 07:59 true wow this is just I mean this is 08:11 beyond insane it is just beyond insane 08:17 let me tell you something else about 08:19 Michael Cohen I didn't know this until 08:21 today Michael Cohen was and as far as I 08:26 know he hasn't been fired yet he was the 08:29 deputy national finance chairman of the 08:32 Republican Party guess who was the 08:38 National Finance Chairman not deputy but 08:42 the national plan Steve Wynn remember 08:44 him the Las Vegas thug who was fired 08:49 because of multiple charges of sexual 08:53 predation against him what the fuck is 08:57 wrong with the Republican Party and they 08:59 still wit well don't don't even ask that 09:01 question Mike and they still remain 09:02 silent these sons of bitches like this 09:09 little snarky 09:10 all Ryan and this turtle looking Mitch 09:14 McConnell they say nothing that FBI seizure yesterday 00:28 what's a particularly extraordinary move 00:30 I think we all know that now it's been 00:33 talked about for a good full one one and 00:38 a half news cycles now about what that 00:41 seizure represented that shit doesn't 00:43 happen we're an attorney's office is 00:47 rated by federal high federal 00:52 prosecutors and the FBI and everything 00:56 is seized because the the attorney is 01:00 under suspicion of all kinds of federal 01:02 crimes and to cap it off the attorney 01:06 it's the attorney for the President of 01:08 the United States Cohen Michael Cohen is 01:18 Trump's virtual vault that's where all 01:21 the secrets are held everything from his 01:25 business deals to his personal affairs 01:29 joyce white Vance a former US Attorney 01:32 in Alabama said quote the search warrant 01:34 is like dropping a bomb on trumps front 01:37 porch mark xayide of washing lawyer said 01:45 the seizure of Cohen's records quote 01:47 should be the most concerning for the 01:50 president and quote he added quote you 01:54 can't get much worse than this other 01:56 than arresting someone's wife or putting 01:59 pressure on a family member this strikes 02:02 at the inner sanctum your lawyer your 02:05 CPA your barber your therapist your 02:08 bartender all the people who would know 02:11 the worst about you end quote 02:16 so what did Trump do yesterday according 02:19 to reliable sources he spent most of 02:22 they glued to Fox watching Fox 02:25 Television Christ 02:30 his aides anonymously of course reported 02:35 that Trump watched cable news coverage 02:36 of surprise raids on Cohen's Manhattan 02:39 the office home in hotel room by FBI FBI 02:41 agents who took everything took Cohen's 02:44 the computer phone personal financial 02:47 records everything just hoovered it all 02:50 up as the Sun began to fall in 02:56 Washington yesterday Trump offered 03:01 reporters his initial reaction here's 03:03 what he said quote it's a disgraceful 03:06 situation he said quote I had this 03:12 witch-hunt constantly going on there's a 03:15 whole new level of unfairness leaving no 03:20 doubt that he abused what happened on 03:22 Monday to his attorney as a personal 03:27 affront Trump called Cohen a good man 03:34 Oh give me a fucking break mr. e you 03:37 know this reminds me of Goodfellas the 03:39 movie matter of fact Cohen Michael Cohen 03:42 looks like one of those unmade young 03:46 Mafia guys who tried you know coming up 03:48 trying to become a made man in in the 03:51 family that's what Cohen looks like to 03:53 me that's what this whole thing is this 03:55 whole goddamn thing is is is is a 03:58 adaptation of the book in the movie 04:01 Goodfellas that's what these people are 04:05 they're Goodfellas hey we can do any 04:09 fucking thing we want to do I'm the 04:11 attorney for the president well I missed 04:13 National Security Advisor well I'm his 04:15 son-in-law well I'm his daughter 04:17 well I'm is this well I'm is that we can 04:19 do anything we want because he's the 04:23 president 04:33 and according to New York Times we're no 04:37 washington post shortly after the raids 04:39 began yesterday morning Trump received a 04:43 heads-up at the White House he got 04:48 together with Ty Cobb who was still the 04:51 White House lawyer in the Oval Office 04:56 he's the White House lawyer who oversees 04:59 the White House is handling of the 05:02 Muller probe it's not Trump's attorney 05:04 don't ask me explain the difference 05:06 because I don't know he also met with 05:12 white House Counsel Donnell McGann and 05:15 White House chief of staff John Kelly 05:17 I thought McGann was gone but if he's 05:21 White House Counsel and not not the 05:23 president's counsel okay what's the 05:25 difference between a White House lawyer 05:27 and White House Counsel oh who cares 05:30 other aides said they did not understand 05:32 what was happening you know this meeting 05:35 in the Oval Office because nobody knew 05:37 about it yet and they struggled to 05:38 pinpoint the significance of the 05:40 seizures once they did find out not 05:43 seizures like you know brain spasms but 05:45 the seizure seizures at Michael Cohen's 05:48 office and home and hotel room men 05:53 officials tried to keep their distance 05:55 from what was going on refusing to say 06:01 anything until they knew what Trump's 06:03 strategy was going to be smart aides 06:08 said they viewed Trump's late-afternoon 06:12 comments to reporters as a necessary 06:14 venting session that's when he went when 06:17 he went off with all this bullshit he 06:20 had been grousing privately about Deputy 06:23 Attorney General Rod Rosenstein a trump 06:26 appointee now remember what Trump has 06:28 said all these Democrats there's not a 06:30 fucking Democrat in here these are all 06:33 Republicans and most of them were 06:34 appointed by Trump but there's a 06:36 difference you know the difference is 06:37 with these Republicans the ones he's 06:41 bitching about 06:42 they're following the rule of law Trump 06:44 doesn't know from the rule of law what's 06:46 the rule of law 06:47 Trump has never followed a rule of law 06:51 he never had to 06:53 he always had Michael : or somebody some 06:55 bully boy somebody to put out the 06:57 warnings like they put out on stormy 07:00 weather you don't want your daughter to 07:03 grow up without a mother do ya rule of 07:08 law then Trump complained about Rosen 07:17 sign again Monday in private according 07:21 to White House adviser there's more 07:23 goddamn leaks in the in the Trump 07:24 cesspool then than there is in a sieve 07:27 upstairs in our kitchen it's just 07:29 unbelievable and he he stood all 07:32 afternoon about the warrant to seize 07:34 Cohen's records at times raising his 07:36 voice whoa really can you imagine what 07:42 the fuck is going on right I'm the 07:46 president Hey 07:48 not for long