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SCORPIONS Share First Snippet Of New Studio Album


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have shared the first snippet of their upcoming album. The LP is currently being mixed at the legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin, Germany with engineer Michael Ilbert, who has earned multiple Grammy nominations for his mix work with producer Max Martin on albums by Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

Earlier today, SCORPIONS singer Klaus Meine, guitarist Rudolf Schenker and guitarist Matthias Jabs checked in from Peppermint Park Studios in Hannover, Germany, where most of the recording sessions for the new disc took place. Klaus, who celebrated his 73rd birthday last month, stated in a video message (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "We're in the studio right now, as you can see — Peppermint Park in Hannover — and this morning, we decided to give you guys a little snippet.

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"We're here for a year," he continued. "We spent so much time in here working with the recording sessions. And right now it's so very exciting to finally listen to the mixes coming in from Berlin the other day. And we just wanted to share this moment with all of you out there. And believe me, we can't wait — not only to give you a little snippet but to play you the whole damn album. All right? And we'll see you out there."

Tentatively due later this year, SCORPIONS' new album will mark their first release since 2017's "Born To Touch Your Feelings - Best Of Rock Ballads", which was an anthology of new and classic material.

SCORPIONS originally intended to record the new album in Los Angeles with producer Greg Fidelman, whose previous credits include SLIPKNOT and METALLICA. However, because of the pandemic, some of the initial work was done with Greg remotely, after which SCORPIONS opted to helm the recordings themselves with the help of their engineer Hans-Martin Buff.

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previously told Talking Metal that the goal with using Fidelman to produce the new LP was to bring "the old vibe from albums like 'Blackout', 'Love At First Sting' or even 'Lovedrive'. We try to focus on those albums and this attitude," he said. "If we get there, who knows — it's so many years later. But it's the spirit and it's the whole vibe around this album. This time, the focus is on the harder songs."

According to Meine, SCORPIONS' new LP features "no outside writers at all," unlike 2015's "Return To Forever", which was largely co-written by the album's producers, Mikael Nord Andersson and Martin Hansen.

SCORPIONS' last full-length collection of new recordings was the aforementioned "Return To Forever", partially comprising songs the band had in the vault from the '80s. It was the final recorded appearance of SCORPIONS' longtime drummer James Kottak, who was dismissed from the band in September 2016. He has since been replaced by Mikkey Dee, formerly of MOTÖRHEAD. 





Sad they will not be Hitting Denver, Sheesh it says 2022, I hope they and myself are still alive come Then...


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McCarthy Could Face Humiliating Defeat If Jan. 6 Commission Bill Passes


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So, Jake I've been glued to your twitter
feed and I just want to read that you're reporting on this, so you've tweeted the senate cleared it.
McCarthy, McConnell could have appointed
whoever they wanted to the panel and they would have done the leadership's bidding on the commission. 

Now Pelosi will just
empower her committees to investigate January 6. They will have unilateral subpoena power no republicans say house GOP expects upwards of 20 defections when the bill gets to the floor.
McConnell says he's undecided and signals he wants to look at it more. Why does McCarthy is so the plan is just to obstruct the investigation into the
capital insurrection.

You know Nicole I'll bring you up to
speed because some of those tweets are outdated although not really so, McCarthy says he doesn't he'd said he
didn't like the scope of the investigation of the probe he was a party to the negotiations that John Katco (to your right (of course?) had with democrats so he was kept in the loop and then as soon as Katco cut a deal he
threw Katco under the bus, a few things to point out, yes there will be a lot of  defections so this bill is going to pass the house. 
Mitch McConnell, I I can't read his mind but he seemed open to this to this commission so if it gets through the senate this will be a humiliating defeat for Kevin McCarthy, Um and if it gets through the house with a bunch of republican votes that will
also be a pretty humiliating defeat for  Kevin McCarthy. 
The only goal here basically and I'm trying and I'm giving him the benefit of the benefit of the doubt, but the only Uh goal I could see that McCarthy is trying to achieve here is appeasing Trump, and is not having his fingerprints all over that's McCarthy all over this committee that will invariably be pretty bad for Donald Trump and could be pretty bad for other republican members of the house McCarthy obviously spoke to Trump that day on January 6th.

But, but the
point I was also making Nicole is:
It seems short-sighted to oppose this if you're republicans because Pelosi has given in to all the
republican demands here, she has given them equal representation on the committee republicans, she has given republicans a say in subpoena power and if Pelosi does go revert to the committees meaning run this investigation through the oversight
committee or the homeland security committee that will be a a structure in which republicans don't have a say, so they could have their hands on the process or not McCarthy has suggested that he would rather not have his hands on the process, which from an internal point of view is pretty embarrassing, but
at this hour Nicole and I'm going to go report pretty soon at the house at the house vote I do believe there's going to be a large number of defections on this bill tomorrow when it gets to the floor, the
number we don't know, we've heard anywhere from 20 to 40 it comes to a point where Um if you get a bunch of defections you could have a ton of republicans just jailbreak and vote for the whole thing, so a lot of really interesting dynamics here and to answer the core of your question I just really do think that republican leadership wants to again
like we talked about last week with Liz Cheney move on from January 6th, and those same human beings Um had a complete opposite reaction when the threat was foreign terrorists. What do you think
Kevin McCarthy wants to protect Donald Trump from you said he wanted to protect Donald Trump from what?
My guess is Um listen this this committee would be
outside experts right it wouldn't be members of congress, so theoretically these outside experts could could compel Trump to testify, they can compel people around Trump to testify and they could this committee could finally after a long time Uh put together the the what happened that day on
republicans are trying to take back the majority
and trying to leave this insurrection on this building I'm standing in. In the rearview mirror it's not a
terribly helpful thing to have what would be a a commission investigating this until the end of the year. 
This bill Nicole, calls for an investigation until the end of 2021. That's that's a pretty large chunk of time to find the truth, to get to the bottom of things.
And some people on the investigative side don't think it's nearly long enough, the 911 commission had much longer. I want to just press you on one more thing, you had some of the best reporting about the undercurrents between Liz Cheney and
Kevin McCarthy having frankly as much to do about what she's been saying in interviews over the weekend about Kevin McCarthy needing to be
subpoenaed and needing to tell investigators exactly what he knows about what Donald Trump was doing, what Donald Trump knew, is that in hindsight what led to the purge of her and his leadership team as much as or more than her refusal to go along with a Big Lie? 
Well, I I think that there was Uh the relationship between McCarthy and Cheney was absolutely broken and Cheney and I in com I've had
conversations with her, endless conversations with her about this very topic about her her just fervent,
fervent Uh desire for the January 6th commission
and for an honest January 6th commission and I I'm not sure she had ever at least publicly connected the dots between subpoena and McCarthy or the eventual subpoena of McCarthy but she had been I mean she at that Orlando retreat where their relationship kind of all fell apart, Cheney said disagreed publicly with McCarthy about the scope which was shocking to a lot of people because there they were at this at this retreat in Orlando trying to get on the same page and Liz Cheney was jumping off another page and jumping onto the page of many democrats and frankly what many
republicans had been saying quietly so I think that
all of that put together was the undoing of that relationship because she said she wanted to get to
the bottom of January 6th an event by the way for which she voted to impeach Donald Trump.


No Need for me to Illustrate the Obvious Hypocrisy, can it be McCarthy just does not want to be Forced to Testify...? What's your Take...?


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My Reply!!!


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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Breaking: Jury Reaches Verdict In Derek Chauvin Case; To Be Read Between 3:30 And 4 P.M.

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By WCCO-TV Staff April 20, 2021 at 3:01 pm

Boy Howdy, how will it go down...?


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Monday, February 15, 2021

Huge Number Of Americans Say Democracy Doesn't Work Anymore

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Feb 15, 2021 
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Richest 1% own half the world's wealth, study finds
According to an alarming new poll from the Associated Press, only 16% of Americans say that democracy in this country is working just fine, only 16%. Meanwhile, more than 40% say it is not working at all and a little over 30% say it's working, kind of. So a plurality, not a majority, but a plurality say that it doesn't work any more. I agree with the people who say that it isn't working. And if you're watching this video and you're not a member of the top 1%, I have to assume you probably agree that it's not working the way it's supposed to. Again, for the top 1%, you're doing better than ever. I mean, year after year after year, you do better and better and better. Everything works for you and it's because you own the politicians. You own the think tanks, you run them, you fund them, you get them to tell politicians what you want to do. 
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The rest of it, not so much. I mean, we're sitting here in the middle of a pandemic and a recession, begging politicians to not screw us over on a third stimulus check after 12 months of this. Right? That's the situation we're in. We're still begging for bailouts while the wealthiest Americans have added what, a couple hundred billion dollars to their net worth, they're doing better than ever and again, it's because politicians don't call the shots, the wealthy elite do. They don't want us to succeed and that's the bottom line. That is the hard reality that I think a lot of us have to understand at this point. What you have sent to Washington doesn't work, Republican or Democrat, doesn't matter. And I'm sorry I have to go this route. But if you think Nancy Pelosi is working for you, you are delusional. 
If you think Chuck Schumer is, same thing. Same thing with Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy or Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, none of those people
work for the people. They're all a big part of the club and while they may be on different sides of the club, it's the same club and we're not in it. AOC is outside the

club, Ilhan Omar is outside the club. Bernie Sanders is mostly outside the club. Recently he's kind of been a little bit inside

with the $1,400 check thing, which again is very disappointing from him. But I think he's still outside to be honest. But we don't have enough of those. 

Like that's why we're able to point to these people, Ro Khanna is another one, why, that's why we can point to these individuals saying they're not in the club because there's so few of them that they stand out like a sore thumb, a sore thumb that's sore from working for the American public. But no, for the rest of us, it doesn't work. Capitalism doesn't work for us. 
We continue to be held down by the powers that be, by the powers that be who fund the politicians who tell us, we can't afford a

minimum wage increase. Who tell us that unions are actually bad and the last time we had a strong middle-

class in America is when we had strong union representation. But that all went away

with the Reagan era and never came back and American labor has been under assault since then. It doesn't work. Nothing works for us and it will continue to not work for us as long as we continue to send the same people to DC, every couple of years, that's on us. If you want it to change, then change who you're sending to Washington.


So for a long time, I like many others have been thinking a third party may be the answer to breaking up the bottle necking of our politics, if we have term limits for the President I feel there should be the same for the left and the right, In Fact I think there should be nobody in Office who is over the Retirement age, any of you Folks do your own homework any longer...? What are your Thoughts? There is, or Was talk of Plumpy starting his own party, Odd when both parties are against a third, who could really benefit from such an Action...?


 I really feel bad for this colored Fella....


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