Friday, January 30, 2015

Dave Mustaine: Fans Don’t Want Chris Broderick + Shawn Drover in Megadeth

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by Chad Childers January 30, 2015 11:42 AM

Megadeth have quite a bit on their plate at the moment as the band seeks to replace two members and turn around a new album within the next year. Frontman Dave Mustaine sat down with Full Metal Jackie for Dean TV at NAMM and dished on some of what’s to come for the band. 

Mustaine spoke in depth about what fans of the band are looking for and how certain lineups have and have not been embraced, stating that really from ‘Rust in Peace’ forward, the fans have not always fully accepted the new players. “Playing in a band together with another person, that’s as close as you’ll get to them without having sex with them. I mean you can’t get any closer to a band member. After that James Lomenzo, James McaDonough, Glen Drover, Shawn Drover, Chris Broderick — all those guys, the fans don’t want those guys in Megadeth.” 

As for the continual lineup changes, the rocker adds, “The reason that guys have been asked to leave or quit is because they decided to turn one direction and the other three wheels are going in a different direction.”

Shawn Drover
As for new music, the frontman says, “I’m going in the studio March 2 no matter what. It’s set right now, I told the label I’m not making another radio song ever, cause you know that’s what record companies want. It was the bane of Megadeth’s existence. When ‘Countdown’ came out, we had so many radio songs — from ‘Countdown’ to ‘Youthanasia’ to ‘Cryptic’ to ‘Risk’ and down and down and down, it was more radio, radio, radio. I love all those songs, but it’s not what Megadeth fans want to hear. They want to hear ‘The Conjuring,’ ‘Set the World Afire,’ stuff like ‘Devil’s Island,’ ‘Holy Wars’ and ‘Prisoners’ and I get it, I wrote those songs. I can do that in my sleep. But when you’re having someone say, ‘This is what you have to do,’ you know, you listen or you don’t.” 

Mustaine also dished on what’s inspiring him at the moment, adding, “There’s music that I have saved from around ‘Peace Sells’ era, ‘So Far So Good’ era and I listen to it and I’m thinking, ‘How the f— did I play that?’ So I have to put it into a machine and listen and slow it down and scoop out all the noise in the background so I can hear what I was doing cause it’s mind blowing riffing. That is what is exciting for me right now.” 

So there you have it Megadeth fans. Check out more of what Mustaine had to say in the Dean TV interview with Full Metal Jackie posted below.

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