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Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Manager: He’s Still Considering a 2020 Run

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So Bernie Sanders' former campaign

manager Jeff Weaver (left) recently reiterated

what Bernie Sanders has already said

previously that yes he is in fact

considering another presidential run in

2020. So I want to talk about that but

there's something else that is really

interesting about this article in

particular with respect to how Bernie

Sanders holds up against Donald Trump in

hypothetical matchups. 

So according to Alexandra Hutzler of Newsweek the

campaign manager for Bernie Sanders in

his 2016 presidential run hinted that

the independent senator from Vermont may

run for the White House again in 2020.

Sanders is considering another run for

the presidency but for now is completely

focused on his congressional reelection

campaign in November. 

Jeff Weaver said in an interview with c-span host John

McArdle on Monday Sanders made waves as

the progressive who consistently

challenged a former Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton in his 2016 primary bid

his platform largely focused on issues

like universal health care and income

When Sanders announced his

candidacy for president in 2015 he was

50 points behind Clinton in almost every

major national poll but with his

popularity among young Democratic voters

he closed that gap and ended up winning

22 States and about 45% of the pledged

delegates before conceding and endorsing

Clinton at the Democratic National

One of the reasons why he was

so successful in 2016 was that people

out in the country sensed rightly that

he was an authentic messenger for the

message he was delivering we were told

McArdle during the interview though

there are still six months until the

midterm elections America is already

looking forward to possible 2020

presidential runs new polling conducted

by CNN shows that in a one-on-one

matchup between Bernie Sanders and

Donald Trump Sanders is already a

leading candidate beating Trump by a 55

to 42 percent margin among registered

voters first though Sanders would have

to navigate a Democratic primary while

politicians have yet to officially

declare their campaigns for 2020 it is

rumor that popular figures like senator

Elizabeth Warren and Senator Cory Booker.

May be in the mix so as it stands Bernie

Sanders is still defeating Donald Trump

in hypothetical matchups by a margin of

more than 10 points so really that lead

he has over Trump has remained

consistent since other polls were taken

in 2016, and if he could hold the same

lead in two years maybe he could leave

that same lead or hold that same lead

rather him for another two years so this

is really really exciting to me and I

think that as the 2020 Democratic Party

primary commences officially and it's

probably gonna start early next year.

We're gonna see people prove whether or

not they truly care about electability

because what was that that centrist

Democrats and Democratic party loyalists

said to us progressives back in 2015 and

2016. Well look, you don't want to roll

the dice with a socialist like Bernie

Sanders. We want someone who's

battle-tested like Hillary Clinton who

can actually defeat a Republican and now

if they truly believe in that sentiment

they would back Bernie 100 percent in

2020 because look at that fifty five to

forty two percent if you truly want to

defeat Donald Trump if that's your

number-one goal then the Democratic

Party establishment has got to align

behind Bernie Sanders. 

They've got to fall in line now the same thing they

told us now they've got to take their

own advice and fall in line behind the

individual best suited to beat Donald

Trump in 2020 because obviously Bernie

would have won at this point. 

I don't think you can really deny this if you're

a serious person because when you look

at hypothetical matchups between Bernie

Sanders and Donald Trump he has consistently

outpaced Donald Trump.

I mean he pulled outside the margin of error

unlike Hillary Clinton in most cases

Bernie Sanders is really the ticket to

defeating Donald Trump in 2020'

So if Democrats truly care about beating

Donald Trump and winning, they wouldn't do

shenanigans we don't need any type of

rigging any fuckery like we saw in 2016

otherwise they will hurt our chances.

Collectively the left and even the

center left of beating Republicans will

they do it again I'm not optimistic I'm

not because we already see what Tom

Perez is doing to basically exclude

progressives from the process. He's

purging them from the DNC and replacing

those positions with party loyalists and

hacks within the Democratic Party so I

think that the Democratic Party has got

to get its act together we need to make

sure that Tom Perez resigns before the

2020 primary, so that way we get someone

like Keith Ellison and there who would

actually be fair, I truly believe that he

would be a neutral arbiter which is all

we're asking for we don't need someone

to stack the deck in favor of or any I

think that we can win ourselves without

any help because now Bernie Sanders has the

advantage of more name recognition and I

think that we have a real shot in 2020!

So we'll see how this all plays out it's

gonna be interesting um I think a lot of

centrist Democrats and Democratic party

loyalists are going to be backpedaling

on you know uh their need for for us to

get a really battle tested and electable

candidate and they're gonna say no you

know that's not gonna matter now so much.

We'll see what they have to say but look,

here's what it comes down to. If you

wanted to defeat Donald Trump you go

with Bernie he's the safe bet and not

only is he the safest bet but he is the

individual that would most likely

catalyze change that we desperately need

when it comes to American policy so

we'll see what happens but um I'm

certainly getting excited! Support this

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So, since we are talking about Tom Perez, I really think he needs to quit his day job!!!

Folks, I have been in the political landscape since the SCOTUS allowed GW to become POTUS, I dropped out of posting here for a bit longer than a year, for many reasons (to be honest I was much happier playing the ignorant for that time) back again to give it a second go around and again in support of Bernie Sanders! I actually had some ChuckleHead reply to me last night, and the answer is NO!!! Trump is in office because HRC could not see the benefit of another candidate taking the lead, one that could not have only secured the 2016 election, but also one who could have made profound changes to our political scope, not only for today but in the future as well, I am sorry Sally, but I do not live my life through pure Hate, I look at the issues at hand, I do my own investigating before I come to my own personal conclusion, I have run into this quite a bit lately, folks still Bitching and Crying about how Hillary was screwed, to that I say What comes around goes Around!!! You all still gonna sit around licking your wounds instead of searching the horizon for electable candidates? I new there was something fishy going on every time Bernie would have huge turnouts for his speeches, I knew something was not right every time a news anchor would mention a Bernie win, but always ended up pouting his lack of delegates/superdelegates... I have been called a TROLL amongst many other Clever names because I believe in democracy and do not always lean with the most, how could I when I have spent my time seeking and finding the Truth!!! Something for the folks who seemed to have turned a Blind Eye, wake up and smell the Fucking Coffee already!!!!!!!!! I assume Sally may like my reply???

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