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The Law Is Coming, Mr. Trump - Part 1 & 2

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Posted By: Mike Malloy
Published on Apr 11, 2018

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There's an editorial in the New York Times that I guess will appear in tomorrow's paper,
yeah because today's the 10th and they're usually a day behind from from you know from the web New York Times.

Anyway I got to share this with you listen up, why don't we take a step back and contemplate what Americans and the

world are witnessing.

Early Monday morning FBI agents raided the New York
office home and hotel room of the personal lawyer for the President of the United States. They seized evidence of possible federal crimes including bank fraud, wire fraud campaign finance violations related to payoffs made to women including a porn actress who say they had affairs with the president before he took office and were paid off and intimidated into silence.

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That evening last night the president, surrounded himself with the top American military officials and launched unbidde into a tirade against the top American law enforcement officials officials of his own government accusing them of what he called an Attack on our Country, oh also The Times' report on Monday evening that investigators were examining a hundred and fifty thousand dollar donation to the president' personal foundation from a Ukrainian steel magnate given during the American presidential campaign in exchange for a twenty minute video appearance from Trump,meanwhile the president's former campaign chairman is under indictment and his former national security adviser has pleaded guilty to lying to investigators his son-in-law (Jared Kushner, to the right) and other associates are also under investigation!

This is your PRESIDENT ladies and gentlemen this is how Donald Trump does business and these are the kinds of people he surrounds himself with. Mr. Trump spent his career in the company of developers and celebrities and also of grifters con sharks goons and crooks he cuts corners he lies he cheats he brags about it and for the
most part he's gotten away with it protected by threats of litigation hush money and his own bravado those methods may be proving to have their limits when they are applied from the Oval Office the Republican leaders in Congress still keep a cowardly silence.

Mr. Trump now has real reason to be afraid, a raid on a lawyer's office doesn't happen every day, it means that multiple government
officials and a federal judge had reason to believe that they'd find evidence of a crime there and that they didn't trust the lawyer not to destroy that evidence on Monday when he appeared with his national security team Mr. Trump whose motto could be the buck stops anywhere but here angrily blamed everyone he could think of for what he called the unfairness of the investigation that has already consumed the first year of his presidency yet is only now starting to heat up!

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He said Attorney General Jeff Sessions (left) made "quote" A very terrible mistake "end quote" by recusing himself from overseeing the investigation the implication being that are more loyal Attorney General would have instructed justice and blocked the investigation. 

He complained about what he called the horrible things that Hillary Clinton did and what he called all of the crimes that were committed he called the A-Team and investigators from the office of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller quote the most biased group of people as for Mr. Mueller himself we'll see what happens Mr. Trump said many people have said you, should fire him, in fact
the raids on the premises used by Mr. Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen were conducted by the public corruption unit of the federal Attorney's Office and Manhattan and at the request not of the special counsels team but under a search warrant that investigators in New York obtained following a referral by
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Mr. Mueller (left) who first consulted with the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (right) to sum up a Republican appointed former FBI director consulted with the Republican appointed Deputy Attorney General who then authorized a referral to an FBI field office not known for its anti-trump bias deep state indeed Mr. Trump also railed against the authorities who he said broke into Mr. Cohen's office, attorney-client privilege is dead the president tweeted early this morning during what was presumably his executive time.

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He's wrong the privilege is one of the most sacrosanct in the American legal system but it does not protect communications in furtherance of a crime anyway one might ask if this is all a big witch-hunt and Mr. Trump has nothing illegal or untoward to hide why does he care about the privilege in the first place? The answer is of course he has a lot to hide this wasn't even the first early morning raid of a close Trump associate that distinction goes to Paul Manafort (right) Mr. Trump's former campaign chairman and Russian oligarch whisperer who now faces a slate of federal charges long enough to land him in prison for the rest of his life and what of Mr. Cohen he's already been cut loose by his law firm and when the charges start rolling in he'll likely get the same treatment from Mr. Trump the grotesqueries that faded into the background of Mr. Trump's carnival of misgovernment during the past 24 hours was that Monday's meeting was ostensibly called to discuss a matter of global significance a reported chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians Mr. Trump instead made it about him with his narcissistic and self pitying claim that the investigation represented an attack on the country in Trump's word in a true sense. 

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No Mr. Trump a true attack on America is what happened on say September 11 2001 remember that one thousands of people lost their lives your response was to point out that the fall of the Twin Towers meant your building was now the tallest in downtown Manhattan, of course that also wasn't true!

Wow this is just I mean this is beyond insane it is just beyond insane let me tell you something else about Michael Cohen I didn't know this until today Michael Cohen was and as far as I know he hasn't been fired yet he was the deputy National Finance Chairman of the Republican Party, guess who was the National Finance Chairman not deputy but the national plan Steve Wynn(below).
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Remember him, the Las Vegas thug who was fired because of multiple charges of sexual predation against him, what the Fuck is wrong with the Republican Party and they still, well don't don't even ask that question Mike and they still remain silent! These sons of bitches like this, little snarky Paul Ryan and this turtle looking Mitch McConnell they say nothing!

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I remember listening to Mike back in maybe 2005, he was aired through Air America radio, his show was usually on late night, I would stay up just to listen to his show, think I may have even called once but never got through. His show was aired through AM 760 Boulder's Progressive Talk.
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I started on this post April 12th, but it can be very difficult to snag up the transcript then have to edit it to make a story of it, I have already spent over 6 hours building this post and out of simple laziness will post Part 2 in the comment section below, I am Happy to see Mike is still around and bringing Truth to Light. I am getting a bit tired of waiting to see what Mueller's investigation will have to show, I like many others have to simply wait and see, what are your thoughts?