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How Trump could be held legally accountable for inciting Capitol riot


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Jan 9, 2021
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-I know that everyone here will soon be marching
over to the Capitol building, to peacefully
and patriotically make your voices heard.
-It's been a pretty interesting 24 hours,
in terms of what Justice Department officials
have said about the possibility of legal jeopardy
for the president over the riot around Congress.
-So... let's have trial by combat.

-So, what happened is, on Thursday, the acting U.
S. attorney for the District of Columbia said --
asked specifically if the speakers at the event --
including president Trump --
might face some sort of investigation
for the things they said leading up to the violence.
The U.
S. attorney said "All"..." issues are being looked at.

We're examining all of this.
We're taking nothing off the table."
He was pressed on it twice, and both times,
he gave the same answer,
which certainly suggests that they were considering
whether any of the speakers had a legal jeopardy,
in terms of incitement to riot, which is a charge.
-If you don't fight like hell, you're not gonna have a country anymore. -DJT
-Officials sent a very strong signal on Friday
that they do not intend to pursue a case
against President Trump or any of the speakers on stage, for comments made, for incendiary remarks made before the violence began. 
-We're going to the Capitol, and we're going to try
and give our Republicans -- the weak ones,
because the strong ones don't need any of our help --
we're going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness
that they need to take back our country. 
-One of the challenges with charging anyone
with incitement to riot is that the First Amendment case law on it is fairly protective of the speaker,
because there's a general understanding that people use rhetoric and hyperbole in political speech,
and you shouldn't necessarily view that as strictly literal.
So, there are some legal cases and standards that would apply that would suggest it is hard to bring such a charge.
And I think -- So, I think what you're seeing
is a kind of delicate walk-back of the notion
that they are pursuing the president in some fashion.
-We're in. We're going in.
-One of the things they described as,
they "need to go after, first, the alligators closest to the boat," 
Is how one prosecutor put it.

And by that, they mean the people
who did the most violence inside the Capitol.
I think what's going on right now is, the Justice Department is doing two things at once.
They are scrambling to gather as much evidence as possible as quickly as they can, to identify them, build a case, and charge them.
And they announced a handful of arrests again today, as they're doing that. 
The other part, though --
and I think it's more sort of the politics of chaos,
in a way -- is that they are trying to show that they are really on top of the ball, now, because there are serious questions about, how is it that, in one of the most well-guarded and secure cities in the world,
such chaos reigned in such an important part of the government? 
It's interesting that,
the last days of the Trump administration,
the Justice Department is doing everything it can to show how seriously it is taking this,
and how aggressively it's pursuing these.
But the reality is, the bulk of this work,
in terms of prosecuting people,
is going to be handled by the Biden administration.



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