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1 year after Jan. 6 insurrection l GMA


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Jan 1, 2022

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A look back now at the year in politics. 2021 started with the deadly January 6 capital riot lawmakers including the
vice President ducking for cover as we
all watched it unfold that day marking one of the most divisive periods in
recent history ABC's MaryAlice Parks
has the story.
As violent rioters rammed past security and broke into the U.S. capitol congressman Dan Kildee was right there in the house gallery those balconies over the house floor this was one of the most dramatic things I've been through and then we could hear
this noise the sound of a crowd at the main lectern.
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Sergeant-at-Arms told them the capital had been breached, still Kildee could not fathom so many were inside and that their lives were in danger. What in the hell is going on why isn't this you know why isn't this being put down more quickly how could this happen right it's and it's obviously it still bothers me and that place felt like untouchable yeah I mean the safest place you could imagine with the mob closing in the congressman
tried to take cover. 
I called my wife and as soon as I heard her voice it just hit me that I was having that phone call you know that you hear about a phone call from the building that's about to collapse or from the airplane that's going down, worried about his wife watching it all on TV. 
Kildee lied he told her that he was ok but moments later this, nobody ever thinks there's going to be one gunshot and no more I figured well this is it this is going to be a shootout of some kind. Kildee laid low on the floor remembering visiting those
very balconies as a teenager, his first introduction to capitol hill. Now he wondered if it would be his last view too. I grew up loving this institution
wanting to be a part of it finally getting here feeling this incredible honor every time i walk into it.
And then to have people who are also American's
who not only don't feel that who desecrated the place who tried to literally try to tear it and what it stands for apart.
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That hurts me even now Kildee tells me
that he has changed and that the capital has changed he says he's lost respect for many of his republican colleagues who told lies about election fraud and
objected to fair election results he says he plans to be back on January 6 this year because the most important thing last year was that they came back
and certified the results we finished our work over the objections of a majority of one of the two political parties in this country if that if they had had their way.
We would not have certified that election the insurrection would have succeeded. Five people died that day more than 150 officers were injured many hospitalized seriously wounded unable to return to work for months. 
Marlon Dubisson remembers finally calling his mom to tell her that they were safe he has worked for congressman Jerry Connelly, for four years. Did you think for a second about just leaving being done with this place? No, you know I think leadership is important that day he was huddled here with his colleagues for hours. 
What do you want people to remember about that day as we come up on the anniversary? That it shouldn't be normalized the United States is a pillar of Democracy for a reason, so to attack our Democracy and for the world to see that it's, you know it did damage to our reputation and we have to build that back but I think when I wake up on January 6 2022, I'm going to think about the purpose that I have doing this job for Good
Morning America MaryAlice Parks ABC news Washington.
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Pretty Lame... This Idiot wants to do a press conference on the Anniversary? I am pretty tired of this Fool still out talking Smack, he LOST!!! What more evidence does the committee need? They have not yet seen this...!?


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