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Fox Host Tells Viewers That Trump Is LYING About Election Fraud


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February 12, 2022


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The unspeakable happened this week. Brian Kilmeade not only said something that was true, which in and of itself should be a segment, but he said something that was true and was effectively an attack on Donald Trump. Let me read you what Mr. Brian Kilmeade had to say on Fox and Friends this week. Nobody cares about 2020, nobody, and everything that he said and the challenges that he made should have been done before the election. And they did a recount in Arizona and the recount showed no difference almost. And he came out and said, it showed that they won Arizona. That's an outright lie and please stop wasting our time with that because he's capable of doing so much more. Of course, that person he's talking about is Donald Trump himself. And I do love how he likes to end it with the little caveat, you could be doing so much more. 
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Oh, we still love you. Now quit frigging lying to our faces every single day. So here's the thing. Kilmeade is correct. And the only thing that the Arizona ballot audit found was that Biden actually won by an even bigger margin. They found hundreds of votes for him, took a couple hundred away from Donald Trump. So yeah, that's why he says almost the same thing. You should have just told the truth and said that yeah, Biden won by bigger margins, but at least you said that Trump is lying about Arizona. Now you need to come out and tell everybody that he's also lying about New Mexico and Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin and Georgia. That, that's also a thing that he's lying about in every one of those states. So maybe, maybe we ought to do that. Oh, he's also lying about certain districts in Texas. 
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And of course, certain districts in Florida where he claims that he actually won some of the counties that Biden won in those two states that Trump overall won. The problem is with Kilmeade's statement here, too little too late. We are 15 months removed from the 2020 election and at any point in there, Brian Kilmeade could have, could have come out on his show and said, they're lying to you about election fraud. All of this is stupid. Let's move on. For 15 months, he didn't say those things. During the entire ballot audit in Arizona, he didn't say these things. An audit that cost millions of dollars, spanned six months and resulted in cyber ninjas basically having to shut down one, because they won't comply with a court order to turn over their documents and two, because they lost all credibility. Yeah, you could have spoken up at that point too, Brian, but you chose to keep silent. 
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Everybody on your network just about chose to keep silent. And it was that silence that allowed the lie to spread because you don't have to sit there and actively spread the lie yourself. As long as you're not refuting it, as long as you're not telling your audience this isn't true, then you're complacent in the lie and that's what happened with Fox. Sure, some of the anchors on the network did in fact actively spread it while others simply said nothing. And the damages now done because a majority of Republicans in this country believe that the 2020 election was stolen. So maybe Kilmeade's comment, maybe it changes the mark a little bit. Maybe it wakes up a couple people. But again, would've had far more impact if this man had had the courage to come out a year ago and make that same statement. 


So... What took him so Long to Admit the Truth.?



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