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Poll Suggests Americans Hate Basically Everyone in Government

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February 18, 2022






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Morning console released the poll and the results here are incredibly
cathartic because it basically confirms what we all have felt. That most Americans Hate our government, we Hate politicians in both parties and we also Hate both parties because the net favorability that we're seeing here based on this poll. I mean I don't know why we're not seeing mass resignations given how widespread the satisfaction is among the American people so let's take a look here. So when it comes to Vice President Harris, she sits at a net negative nine percent
favorability rating. 
Biden is at net negative ten percent.
Mike Pence net negative thirteen percent. 
Kevin McCarthy net negative 14.
Donald Trump net negative 15.
Chuck Schumer also net negative 15 and then we go to Nancy Pelosi and we see a jump she sits at negative 26. Less popular than Donald Trump, and the President of the United States. 
Wow! and then we have Mitch McConnell and I'm assuming that even his own parents Hate him because he's sitting at a net negative 34.
Now when it comes to congressional GOP, negative 13.
And congressional democrat net negative 14.
Wow now I think that good politic guy had the best response to this he tweeted. Out just toss the whole government into the sun.  
Exactly! Because what's the point? What are they even there for? They can't even do basic governance, the bare minimum.They they can't pull it off, they are fundamentally broken.I mean there's been unaddressed crises for decades and there's still no urgency to
address the needs of the American people! You know compared with other developed countries we were left hanging during a global pandemic! That is still very much going on! I mean unemployment benefits were cut off early, the moratorium on evictions went away
far too soon. So we just are continuously left out what we want
doesn't get codified into law? What elites want gets codified into law ? 
It seems like congress is just there as corporate HQ and politicians don't necessarily serve their constituents so much as they serve their own interests? They're there seemingly to get inside insight into you know what they should do with regard to the stock market they're there to set themselves up for a future job as a lobbyist they're just
not there for us and people see it! That's reflected in these results that's why they're all so unpopular and this isn't a new phenomenon! 
There's a poll we're not a poll uh excuse me a study that was published in 2014 by Princeton university's doctors Uh Gillens and page and I talk about this all the time, but it's really important! So they found out that when it comes to policy outcomes we have a statistically insignificant impact on what gets codified into law.
Whereas business interests and special interests whatthey want more often than not becomes law why because we live in an oligarchy, so
the American people if anything we're an obstacle to what the politicians really want to do which is just delivered to their corporate donors and you know have a job in congress where they get paid
six figures, it's this is why we Hate them we all Hate them now, there's another poll that I want to look at. Uh this is really interesting this is out of California.
So Politicos Jeremy White explains: 
Senator Dianne Feinstein's approval ratings have plummeted to unprecedented lows as California voters turn against their senior senator according to a new poll from the Berkeley Institute of
governmental studies.
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Voters disapproved of Feinstein's job performance by an enormous 19 point margin, her standing has steadily eroded with her approval
rating now at just 30 percent dropping five points since May, she does not command majority approval among democrats topping out at 45 percent and she has lost the left with democrats who consider themselves strongly liberal. More likely to disapprove by five points.
Vice President Kamala Harris also fared poorly in her home state. More voters disapproved of her job performance 46 then approved 38. A sign of political peril for Harris whose ascension was a
point of pride in California. Yeah yeah, but yet you know when you go back to the Uh election results back in 2018 Dianne Feinstein
she beat all of the progressive options that were on the ballot and then there was a milquetoast corporate democrat but a lesser corporatist than Dianne Feinstein. Kevin De Leon and he lost by like 10 points. 
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So you know it's perplexing to me to see voters consistently vote these politicians into office again and again and again but yet they're
still dissatisfied. See if you don't opt for someone new such as a progressive or leftist, then this is what is going to happen time and
again you will be dissatisfied but the problem is that we have a media apparatus. That tells people that the democratic party is far left so when they see progressives who actually run on real policies they think. Oh well you know I can't support that because A. they're either a unelectable or B. they'll be unpopular like Joe Biden, another far leftist. So you know people are so dissatisfied with the government but yet they elect these politicians I mean they had a chance in Kentucky for example to oust Mitch McConnell and they voted for him again.
So, I mean on one hand it's nice to see that people feel the way that I feel when it comes to Uh you know these politicians and network government but at the same time it's deeply frustrating that they
continue to elect the same people. 99 times out of a hundred we always see the incumbent win I mean once in a while we'll have a primary upset Corey Bush will oust Lacy Clay but more often than not the incumbent wins. So if you're all dissatisfied but you keep electing incumbents, maybe voters should be a little bit introspective and acknowledge that the media has been duping them maybe the media doesn't have their best interests in mind maybe the media's advertisers are the same companies that are donating to these
politicians that they all Hate but the problem is that when people
acknowledge that the media is bad then they go seek out alternative media 
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That is perhaps even more dangerous, like like you know Alex Jones
or Joe Rogan that tells them vaccines are bad so we're in this perpetual cycle of Um shittiness I don't know how else to call it Uh, dystopia and people they acknowledge the problem that exists but yet they don't, they don't know what to do to fix it. So here we are now Um you know since we're we're on the subject of polls we should definitely look at Joe Biden's approval ratings. So 53% of Americans disapprove, while 41.4 of Americans approve this is not good to say the least if I'm Joe Biden and we're going into you know
a midterm election not too far from now I would be, I don't know trying to do something trying maybe just trying anything but he's all out of ideas and he's tried nothing but luckily for Joe Biden I have
a great idea because there's something that he can do unilaterally without abolishing the filibuster without courting the support of Manchin and Sinema and it would be extremely popular. How popular?
Well let's take a look here as Andrea Germanos of common dreams
explains. Among democrats according to the survey from navigator research 83 expressed support for the federal government wiping out at least a portion of student debt looking at respondents overall 63 backed debt cancellation including 59 of independents and 41 of
republicans the strongest support came from black Americans at 87 percent followed by Hispanics 72 percent. Asian Americans and pacific islanders 68 and white 57 percent of respondents strong support for debt cancellation, came whether or not respondents hold
debt themselves. 89 of those currently saddled with student loan debt support cancellation compared to 75 among those who've ever had such debt at any time even among those who've never had student debt at all support for cancellation stood at 55 so if you're a president and your approval rating is steadily decreasing you're losing support with black voters who have been historically loyal to your party and you need them to win if young voters who turned out for you in 2020
were Uh all of a sudden being turned off because you're not doing anything to deliver this is an easy Win and Biden is choosing to leave that on the table you would increase your support among every demographic republicans are even ecstatic about this 41 percent
and he's saying No.
This is why we Hate you this is why we Hate our government
because they talk a big game right on the campaign trail they make a lot of promises but then as soon as they get in the lobbyists get in their ear and then they backtrack.  
So,we don't believe you and we Hate you and this is exactly why but I mean if Biden doesn't want to cancel student debt even if he should feel guilty and should want to cancel it given that he helped facilitate the student debt crisis that we're dealing with since his bankruptcy bill made it so that way it is almost impossible to discharge your
student debt.Um you know what he could do is at least fight for build back better but do you want to know how he's fighting for it as you
pledged to do, Here's what he Tweeted out. My buildback better agenda includes the largest investment to combat climate change in U.S. history. It'll help meet the moment on climate create good paying jobs and lower energy costs for Americans let's get it done I mean is this a sub Tweet to mention in Sinema believe it or not this is almost Uh certainly his outreach to young people.
Hey look at I said climate change in a Tweet that means I care vote for me. This is why we despise all of you in government I mean the situation is terrible we have Uh so much crises like our system is
essentially on the verge of collapse democracy is in decline.
Uh and we have one party in congress that is so extreme that they're just basically shitting their pants and spitting on people and then we have another party that's so corrupt and weak that they won't even do
the bare minimum. They won't even do the incrementalism that they used to do. Now incrementalism is too much to ask I mean
remember build back better even though progressives are pushing for it it's because this was basically all that Biden promised on the campaign trail. That was at least going to take us in the right direction but this was all milquetoast this was all not what we wanted right? We wanted to go further but it was the bare minimum and
we can't even do incrementalism. 
So if democrats won't even do incrementalism if republicans are just screeching about Mr Potato Head getting canceled now what's the point? I mean that's why we Hate politicians that's why we Hate congress so that's why you know at the beginning of this video I said that that morning consult poll was so cathartic to see because it's nice to know that Americans feel the same way I just wish that Americans would wake up and stop electing these people that are very clearly not looking out for them.When you see the red flags about dark
money when you see you know two candidates Chantelle Brown and Nina Turner and one is facing an ethics probe and taking lots and lots of super pac money.
Maybe view that as a sign that that person isn't going to help change the system since they're benefiting from it, when you see you know this Uh democratic primary and you have an option of Joe Biden and
Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden and the president before him Barack Obama. They kind of are responsible for widespread dissatisfaction that paved the way for Donald Trump but then somebody's saying hey let's changewhat's happening at least a little bit so we can we can stop further crises and you go with Joe Biden because the media
tells you to. I mean you have to be introspective you know things are going to continue to deteriorate in this country if we all keep our heads up our asses and that's not to say that as a leftist I have all
the answers. Right we're all imperfect, we're all trying to figure out
Uh the best way to go forward the best way to appeal to people who aren't necessarily politically engaged the best way to motivate voters and keep them engaged so this is an imperfect project right politics is kind of you know we're trying to adapt that's part of it so I'm not saying that I'm infallible and everything that I say will certainly you know Um be correct but the problem is that doing the same thing very clearlyhasn't been working out.
Being neo-liberals being corporatist taking corporate pac money that very clearly hasn't worked so you know at least you think maybe let's
try what the left and progressives are pushing for at a minimum but you know it's America so the stupidest outcome is usually going to be the outcome that is the most likely so yeah at least we all Hate America though or we Hate politicians in America though more
specifically that that's a good thing right we all agree on that at least so you know man dreams.


I really must say, I agree with what this Fella is saying, all up until Student debt. I never had the opportunity to attend college, I got stuck with child support instead. Yet I do not think anything in life is FREE, you don't buy a home for FREE, you know going in unless you buy the home with all money down, you will have a mortgage and the responsibility of paying that debt. In my opinion that is no different than paying for college, what are your thoughts.? 


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