The Democratic Party Apology Handbook

written and maintained by V4Vendeta

#1.  The Republicans are Worse “Argument”-
Can be used to excuse anything.  It used to be hard to argue against except Obama has made it easy to crush with his escalation of war, tax breaks for the rich, attacks on public education, and plans to gut social programs.  This is the number one most common apology and a Democratic Party staple.

#2.  Not Enough Time “Argument”-
This one is useful because it can be used at any time, although after the first term its use has declined.

#3. The Republican Obstructionist “Argument”-
Ignores the fact the filibuster could have been eliminated when the Democrats took control of the Senate (nuclear option) and returned the Senate to majority rule.  Plus, many Democrats themselves oppose progressive policies, and Democrats rarely use the filibuster to stop the Republican agenda.

#4. The Supreme Court “Argument”-
The "argument" ignores the fact Democrats vote for right wing Justices and Obama didn't put real liberals on the bench.  Scalia was confirmed 98-0 and fully half the Democrats in the Senate voted for the right wing Chief Justice Roberts.  How about Obama's choices?  Sonia Sotomayor is a shameless defender of corporate interests, siding with big business, government authority and the police far more than with the poor, the arrested or the oppressed.   Kagan is a pro-Big Business, pro-corporate "liberal" who once worked on an advisory panel for Gold in Sacks and supports the fraudulent GWOT.

#5. The Obama has Done Wonders “Argument”-
I have seen a list with 100s of great “accomplishments.”  One even cited his escalation of war in Afghanistan as an accomplishment.
#6A.  President is just a Powerless Figurehead “Argument”-
Argues to not expect anything but still vote for him.  A case is made why Obama cannot do anything progressive and why it would be pointless to even try.  I notice when a Democrat is in the White House the excuse is that they are powerless, however, Democrats claim that Obama must be reelected because if Romney wins the sky will fall. Why is it Dim Party Apologists claim Obama is powerless but Romney will be all powerful?  So the assumption is to not expect Democrats to filibuster the Republican agenda which is a correct assumption; they won't filibuster because they agree with the wars, bank bailouts and low taxes on the ultra-rich etc.  Oh yeah, vote for Obama anyway.
#6B. Obama Will be Assassinated By The CIA if He Ends The Wars "Argument"-
This "argument" is basically a scare tactic designed to excuse Obama for not ending the wars on the grounds that if he did he would be assassinated.  In other words, Obama must be Bush III or die.

#6C. The Blackmail "Argument"-
argues that Obama cannot do anything progressive because he is being blackmailed and possibly having his family held hostage.  The problem with the "argument" is that there is absolutely no evidence to support the claim.  One could conceivably claim an invisible alien ship landed on the White House and aliens are now controlling Obama...

#7A. Needs a Second Term “Argument”-
Everything will occur in his 2nd term- forget about the first.

#7B.  Obama needs a second term to get everything that he got wrong the first time fixed.

After all, the "argument goes, he is the first Black president.  Apparently, being Black makes governing extra difficult.

#8A. Republican Troll “Argument”-
Standard Ad Hominem "argument" in which only a Republican troll could find fault in Obama.

#8B. Republican Troll / Flush Vote “Argument”-
The “B” version  Ad Hominem attack accuses Obama critic of being a Republican trying to get people to “throw their votes away” on 3rd parties so Republicans can win.

#9A. Too Dumb to Get It “Argument”-
This Ad Hominem "argument" attacks you for being too dumb to understand why Obama adopts Republican policies.

#9B. The You Are a Self-indulgent Child “Argument”-
The "argument" implies that you are immature and are only lashing out against Obama because it makes you feel good.

#9C.  The You Must be Non-Reality-Based To Not support Obama “Argument”-
 This cop out of an "argument" would have you sell out all your principles and vote for a candidate you despise for being a warmonger and Wall Street shill on the grounds that to vote for a 3rd party you agree with means you are delusional.

#10A. No Viable Option / Self-fulfilling Prophecy “Argument”-
This one argues that you shouldn't vote for 3rd parties because they can’t win- but of course they can’t win if you don’t vote for them. 

#10B. You Are Responsible if Republicans Win “Argument”-
The "B" "argument" adds the notion that if you vote for a 3rd party that represents your values and a Republican wins then you are responsible for the Republican victory. The truth is that Democrats are to blame for not earning your vote. The "B" version of the argument tries to make voting an entitlement program for Democrats in which they don't really need to earn your vote because they are entitled to it by default if you are not a Republican. Its effect is amplified by throwing in the "guilt" card.

#11. The Republicans Created the Mess “Argument”-
Ignores the fact that a significant number of Democrats supported the creation of the mess.  For example, not a single Democratic Senator voted against the war in Afghanistan, Obama always voted to fund the wars, he voted for FISA, bailed out the banks, and implemented the NSA spy program.

#12. The Make Him Do it “Argument”-
This "argument" attempts to make a case that Obama’s failure to even pretend to fight for progressive causes, like single payer, is actually the fault of his supporters because they failed to make him do it.

#13. The Times Are Different from FDR’s Time / Can't Do It “Argument”-
In this "argument" a case is made that during FDR’s tenure he had large majorities in Congress. The argument fails to point out Obama had majorities in both Houses after 2008 and lost it due to his failure to fight for progressive causes.  It's one thing to lose a fight but it's another to refuse to fight.

#14. The Being President Is Just So Darn Hard “Argument”-
In this "argument"  Obama is painted as incompetent and in over his head.  This argument absolves Obama of any mal intentions because “he knows not what he does."

#15.  The Continuation of Policy “Argument”-
This "argument"  attempts to make a case that presidents are bound by precedent (back to John Adams) to continue the foreign policies of their predecessors.  Hence, Obama must continue the wars, bank bailouts, etc.

#16.  The Disappointed In Obama “Argument”-
In this clever "argument"  a case is made that Obama has also disappointed the person making the argument.  This gives the apologist some credibility.  Once the apologist gains some respect the argument quickly reverts any one of a number of standard Democratic Party apology staples like the Republicans are worse.

#17. The U.S. Is A Right Wing Country And This is What The People Want “Argument”-
The title of this "argument"  speaks for itself.

#18 The You Are A Racist If You Don't Support Obama “Argument”-
This "argument"  makes a case that if you don't support brand Obama's "Hope & Change" fraud that produced nothing more than a continuation of Bush's policies, you are a racist.

#19. The Obama is President of Republicans Too “Argument”-
This "argument"  makes a case that Obama is obligated to embrace the policies of the opposition because he is their president too.   Wouldn’t  it be nice if Republicans returned the favor and embraced left wing polices because the president is also the president of left wingers?

#20. The Republican Hardball / Turn Cheek “Argument”-
This "argument" make the case that progressives don’t like it when Republicans play hardball, therefore they shouldn’t do it back.

#21.  The Obama Is a Failure But Get Off His Back “Argument”-
This bizarre "argument"  agrees Obama is a failure but apparently feels his pain as asks you to lay off.  The POTUS is arguably the most powerful person in the world so why should he get a free ride?

#22. Obama Only Opposes Dumb Wars Argument-
This pro-war "argument"  defends Obama’s escalation of war on the grounds that his wars are “good wars”.

#23A. The Big Bad Wolf “Argument”-
This "argument"  is based purely on fear.  An attempt is made to scare you into voting for Democrats.  Republicans are driven by hate and Democrats by fear. 

#23B. The Sky Will Fall If Romney Wins "Argument"-

The "Republican Obstructionist Argument" has been used for the last four years as an excuse why Obama cannot implement progressive policies.  Keep in mind that after 2008 the Democrats controlled the House, Senate and White House.   We are now supposed to vote for Obama because if Romney wins he will be unopposed by Democrats and be free to implement his destructive policies.  It's a double standard- Democrats cannot do anything- but Republicans can do everything.  There is some truth to the "argument" though, it is mostly true that Democrats will not oppose a right wing agenda because posturing aside, they agree with most of it or have tacitly acquiesced.   The heart of the argument is to use Romney to scare you into voting for Obama.

#24. The Don't Complain if Democrats Continue Republican Polices/Continuing Is Not Starting Argument-
This "argument" puts forward the notion that one is simply to accept whatever right wing policy a Democrat continues because she/he didn't start it.  This ridiculous "argument" is put forth in defense of a charlatan who actually ran on the notion that he was going to bring change.

#25A. The God "Himself" Couldn't Have Done Any Better “Argument”.
I guess God couldn't have ended the wars (instead of starting new ones), re-regulated the banks ( instead of allowing "too big to fail to get bigger), put a moratorium on fraudulent foreclosures (instead of allowing people to lose their homes), and put real progressives in his Cabinet ( instead of Wall Street crooks) ... etc... etc...

#25B. The Obama Isn’t God “Argument”-
In this one a claim is made that Obama isn't God and only God could have ended the wars, fought for single payer health care, opposed nuclear power and offshore oil drilling, closed Guantanamo, stopped outsourcing torture, ended the “states secrets” cloak to prevent torture victims from suing, etc.  Because Obama is not God he gets a pass on these things.

#25C. The Obama Isn’t Perfect / Fear “Argument”- 
This one implies Obama has done a good job as a progressive and therefore you shouldn’t deny him your vote simply because he isn’t perfect.  It's not that he isn't perfect- the truth of the matter is that as far as progressives go- Obama has been a horrible president and hasn’t earned the vote of progressives.  Then the fear card is played in an attempt to scare you into voting for Democrats to keep the barbarians at bay.

#25D. The Nobody is Perfect "Argument"-
This absurd "argument" seeks to excuse Obama for whatever you accuse him of on the grounds that nobody is perfect.  Imagine excusing a serial killer on the grounds that nobody is perfect.  This is so silly it merits no further comment. 

#25E. Doesn't Walk on Water "Argument"- 

This one implies you simply expected too much from Obama.  I guess it was too much to expect him to end the wars and not start new ones.  I guess it was too much to expect him to not extend the Bush tax cuts and it was too much to expect him to advocate for single payer, and not continue transferring to Wall Street.  It was too much to expect him to put progressives in his cabinet instead of banker crooks like Geithner  and Summers and right wingers like Rahm Israel Emanuel and Arne Duncan who wants to privatize public education in his cabinet.

#26 The Obama is a Naive Dupe "Argument"-
This apology tries to paint Obama as dumber than a sack of potatoes  in order to excuse his wholesale sellout of progressives.

#27A. The What Are YOU Doing “Argument”- 
This “argument” is thoroughly authoritarian and includes the notion that unless you are doing x,y,z, as defined by the person making the “argument”, then your criticisms are simply invalid.  This is a red herring that attempts to shift the topic off of Obama and onto his critics.  What a person is or isn’t doing is completely irrelevant.

#27B. The What’s Your Plan “Argument”- 
This one implies that you only have a legitimate complaint if you could do better, but you did not run for president and make a bunch of rosy promises- Obama did.  Besides the plan is easy- end the wars and stop starting new ones for starters.

#28. The Must Act Like A Republican In Order to Beat Republicans "Argument"- 
This “argument” excuses Obama on the grounds that the only way to get elected is to act like a right winger.  This ignores the fact Obama was elected by promising a progressive agenda and not a right wing.  In other words, there is actually more support for a progressive agenda than a right wing one.

#29. The Hair of the Dog (That Bit You) “Argument”-
A case is made that what we need to do is elect more Democrats.  This “argument” ignores the fact the Democrats had the Senate and the House after 2008 and proceeded to surrender to the badly beaten Republicans in such a disgraceful manner that their base stayed home in 2010 in disgust.  The fact Democrats sold out is conveniently ignored, for example, Democrats have continued wars and started new ones.  A case is made we need more Democrats to stop the wars they themselves vote to fund and/or start. 

#30. The Democrats Need a Filibuster-Proof Senate “Argument”-
This “argument” makes a case that if the Dims had a filibuster-proof Senate then a host of progressive legislation would be enacted.  This ignores the fact that at the beginning of each session of Congress the Congress can write its own rules.  The filibuster is not in the Constitution and just as it was written into the rules to allow a small minority of right wingers to prevent progressive policies from passing it can be written out.  Ironically, Democrats oppose getting rid of the filibuster because that would remove their fig leaf.  It also ignores the fact the President could end the war(s) without permission from the Congress.  Lastly, it turns a blind eye to the fact a good number of Democrats vote with Republicans on many issues.

#31. The Police State Insurance "Argument"-
This "argument" makes a case that the curtailment of civil rights and the signing of NDAA with its indefinite detention provisions are necessary as "reelection insurance" to insulate Obama from critics in the event we were attacked.  In other words even though the policies are basically the same whether Democrat or Republican- it's important to vote for Obama because he is not a Republican.

#32.  The Americans Have ALWAYS Voted For the Lesser Evil "Argument"-
This "argument" makes a case for continuing a failed practice because it is a tradition.  The logic is that it's better to stick with a known failure than to go out on a limb and vote for an unknown failure.  That there are better 3rd party choices escapes the person making the "argument".

#33. The Blue Dogs Made Him Do It "Argument"- 
This "argument" attempts to excuse Obama for  escalation of militarism, threatening Iran and Syria, attacking Libya, backing the dictator Mubarak till the bitter end, ignoring the coup d'état in Honduras, Israeli use of chemical weapons against Palestinians, keeping single payer off the table, signing the extension of Bush tax cuts, and _______________________ (fill in the blank) because the Blue Dogs made him do it.    The truth is that Obama did these things, and more, on his own and was not forced by anybody.

#34. The Republican Flyer "Argument"-
This one attempts to excuse Obama 's continued occupations on the grounds that we have left sizable numbers of troops in other countries we invaded or fought against, like Korea, Germany and Japan.  This argument was made by a Republican whose father had flown missions in WWII.

#35. The Obama, Would be Impeached for Ending the War "Argument"-
This "argument" is so silly that it doesn't really warrant a comment.  There would be no grounds to impeach a president for ending an unnecessary war that is deeply unpopular and is creating more enemies than it kills.  Besides, the Congress never declared war on Afghanistan.

#36. Obama Never Was A Progressive "Argument"-
Claims Obama was never a progressive so if you feel disappointed it's your problem for being a dupe.  Oh yeah, don't forget to vote for anyway.

#37. The Left Him to The Wolves "Argument"-
Argues that we failed to protect Obama from the Republican wolves  and so he joined them.

#38. The We Failed to Give Obama an Agenda "Argument"-
Argues that Obama failed to end the wars, fight for single payer etc. because we failed to give him an agenda.  He had no clue as to what the country wanted when they elected him because he forgot what he ran on (no agenda).

#39. The Obama Will Be Prosecuted For Prosecuting Bush "Argument" -

This "argument" actually made me laugh when I read it.  The person claims that if Obama held Bush accountable for his war crimes the Republicans would turn around and prosecute him- and therefore it shouldn't be done.  This spineless, yellow-belly claim speaks volumes about the craven cowards that are the Democratic Party.  They are so gutless that would never dare to stand up for the rule of law because they are fearful of what the angry Republicans would do .   If the Democrats of old were as fainthearted as those of today, the Watergate crimes would never have been prosecuted.

#40. The Democrats Must  Sign Republican Bills They "Oppose" or Risk Being Overridden "Argument"-  

In this cowardly "argument" a case is made that Democrats have to sign Republican bills into law because standing up for their "principles" is wrong if doing so will cause them the "embarrassment" of being overridden.  Apparently Democrats should only stand up for their "principles" when Republicans agree with them.  And areas of agreement include: war, bailing out banks, NAFTA, nuclear power, "clean coal", offshore oil drilling, Keystone XL, low taxes on the wealthy (below Reagan's era), torturing Bradley Manning, prosecuting whistle blowers, supporting Middle Eastern dictators, coddling up to the criminal state of Israel, ______________ fill in the blank, etc, etc...

#41.The Vanity "Argument"- 

This "argument" makes a case that to vote against the Democratic Party is a selfish vanity choice.  Is Making a Protest Vote in Presidential Elections a Vanity Choice?

#42. The President is Just so Darn Busy "Argument"-
This laughable "argument" claims that Obama's signing of the NDAA is lamentable but that the president is very busy and that the NDAA wasn't the only thing he needed to deal with.  The argument claims that if he only had the NDAA to worry about then he would have gotten it right.

#43. The Punish Republican Seniors (Collective Punishment) "Argument"-
This preposterous "argument" attempts to excuse Obama for offering to cut Social Security and Medicare on the grounds that the majority of seniors are Republicans.  This "argument" flies in the face of the fact seniors and the organizations such as AARP have come out against the cuts. 

#44. The Obama will be Impeached If He Attempts to Implement What He Ran on “Argument”

—This argument's title speaks for itself. Ha~!

#45. The What's Wrong with Republicans "Argument"-

When confronted with the fact Obama is a "moderate Republican a "liberal" had the gall to ask , "So what's wrong with Eisenhower Republicans? "  Keep in mind Eisenhower ran against the non-interventionist Taft in order to crusade against communism and Korea.  He defeated  Adlai Stevenson and ended the New Deal coalition.

#46. The Bully Pulpit "Argument"-

This one "argues" it would be senseless for Obama to use his bully pulpit to embarrass congressmen opposing the closing of Guantanamo on the grounds that using the bully pulpit weakens it.   Listen to this guy:   "[T]here are a thousand or more causes that it could be used for but the more you use it the less power it has - note the result of the gun control legislation that Obama used the bully pulpit to trumpet [sic]."  So forget ever using the bully pulpit because that weakens it.

#47. The Muslim Father "Argument"-

This apology rationalizes Obama continuance of Bush's wars on the grounds that it would look suspect if he didn't seeing as Obama's father is a Muslim.  Here it is verbatim:
"The main reason Obama has carried on the Bush policies is because of the political juggernaut against the Muslims implanted in the peoples' minds by the 9/11 false flag. He could not ignore the fact that his Muslim father would have made him look suspect if he didn't."    

#48. The Health Insurance Jobs Protection "Argument"- 
This one argues that Obama could not fight for single     payer because it would put the parasites and middlemen in the health insurance industry out of work in the     middle     of a recession.

 #49. The Obama Scapegoat "Argument"-

This one argues that Democrats are elected so as to be scapegoats for     the mess the Republicans created and they are trying to clean up. That way  progressive movements and     minorities can be discredited.  This "argument" ignores the fact Obama has continued almost all of Bush's     policies and in the area of militarism and civil rights- is actually worse than Bush.  This "argument" ignores     the fact Obama has continued almost all of Bush's policies and in the area of militarism and civil rights- is     actually worse than Bush.  No one forced Obama to do it either. 

#50. The Old Two Card Monte Trick "Argument"- 

This "argument" uses the fact Democrats and Republicans are     not exactly the same to discredit legitimate grievances against the Democrats for continuing the bank bailouts,     failing to fight for single payer, increasing militarism, curtailing civil rights, etc.  on the grounds that your     complaints are invalid because you claimed Democrats and Republicans are the same.  The truth of the matter is     that although they are not the exactly the same, they do work together on many issues like war and bailing out     banks.

 #51. The How About Dennis Kucinich Red Herring "Argument"- 

Tries to excuse the almost wholesale sellout by Democrats on the grounds that the Democrat have a small handful of genuine progressives (and ones the Democrats exclude from leadership and have little influence).

  Appendix (Reader Apologies):

#A1. The It's “rrelevant and/or subversive” “Argument” —Unless you live in a swing state, your vote is irrelevant. Not to vote for one of the two main parties in a two party system is subversive. Much like not voting for the dictator when only the dictator is on the ballot.  If you're a liberal, progressive or a lefty, not to vote for the "lock" Democrat candidate is extremely subversive.  And for a lefty to vote for a third party in a swing state borders on treason.

#A2. The Run for political office first “Argument” — This kind of attack from the Obamabots always comes when they are unable to face detailed proof that Obama and the Democrats are just as guilty as the GOP on nearly any rightwing policy that passed with strong enough numbers from either both parties or the Democrats. They will either say that or the usual "put 50 greens in Congress first" as if there were a law stating that the candidate running for president must have 50 of their own party in Congress to qualify. I remember those rotten O-bots in 2010 lying that a vote for third parties was a vote to give the GOP control.

#A3. The Change the system first and then Greens will be viable “Argument” —The Obamabots continue to live in denial mode insisting that electing and reelecting the same people who are not sincere or dedicated about real reform will somehow "change" out of nowhere. They get it that other nations have a better government yet they refuse to get it straight that putting progressive principle over politics when voting also makes a difference just as much as curbing lobbyists and Big Money influence.


Apparently Democrats should only stand up for their "principles" when Republicans agree with them.  And areas of agreement include: war, bailing out banks, NAFTA, nuclear power, "clean coal", offshore oil drilling, Keystone XL, low taxes on the wealthy (below Reagan's era), torturing Bradley Manning, prosecuting whistle blowers, supporting Middle Eastern dictators, coddling up to the criminal state of Israel, ______________ fill in the blank, etc, etc...


If anyone has any more "arguments" to add to the, "Democratic Party Apology Handbook" please write it up and post it as a comment. It will be added to the list.