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Timeline | Joe Biden For President

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Early January Donald Trump is first warned of the virus, he ignores it, we have it totally under control it's gonna be just fine. Defends the Chinese government instead.
January 30th Trump's own cabinet secretary warns of a pandemic raising concerns that the Chinese government isn't being transparent Trump calls him an alarmist, we think we have it very well under control we're working very closely with China and other countries and we think it's going to have a very good ending for us, the next day the Dow plummets 600 points desperate to protect the stock market from sliding further Trump continues to deny the threat and praise the Chinese government. 

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We're doing great in our country, China I spoke with President Xi and they're working very very hard and I think it's gonna all work out fine looks like by April you know in theory when it gets a little warmer miraculously goes away. But global cases more than double spreading to over 24 countries. 

February 25th one of the CDC's top experts Nancy Messonnier speaks out warning it could soon become a full-scale pandemic. Disruption to everyday life may be severe and I told my children that while I didn't think that they were at risk right now, we as a family need to be preparing for  significant disruption of our lives.

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Mr. Trump was quote, Furious as he watched the stock market crash after her comments. Trump didn't want to upset the markets. So for the last five days of February the Trump administration took to the airwaves to deny the truth.

We have contained this I won't say air tight and pretty close to airtight thanks to the President and this teams of aggressive containment efforts.

This disease as Dr. Shook said, is contained.

February 27, the market sees through the denials the Dow continues to plunge but Trump keeps up the false message.

April turns into May the virus doesn't disappear there is no miracle, the cases mount the death toll grows more than 33 million.

Americans lose their jobs to the pandemic unemployment reaches Great Depression era levels. Donald Trump doesn't understand we have an economic crisis because we have a public health crisis and we have a public health crisis because he refused to act.

Donald Trump didn't build a great economy his failure to Lead destroyed one!

Ha, Fucking ChuckleHeads thought they could hold me back by removing the original video, so I had to come back and Edit this post, so why not throw in another video as Well, what a Role Model? More like a DoucheNozzle!!!

So... I ask, has Donald Trump earned your vote for 2020? Let me tell you I was originally supporting Richard Ojeda, he was not able to continue his campaign, so why I ask was Tulsi Gabbard still campaigning until a month ago, she did end up endorsing Joe Biden and dropping out of the race. Let me be honest I will vote for and support Joe, but let's be honest here, he is the Presumptive Nominee. Do I think Joe can beat Trump, how bout' you tell me.


I really should have added this but Spaced it out, Enjoy!!! 

Trump’s Inability To Be Empathetic | Deadline | MSNBC May 28, 2020 

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I am surprised she forgot his PhotoShopped Inauguration...  

Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson joins protesters as they walk for George Floyd...

I wonder what Donnie will Twitter about this, he is losing it, Get Him OUT in 2020!!! 

Flag of Treason

Donnie has brought us to this, question is what side of history will you be on?

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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Get our troops out of Iraq & Syria now

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Posted by: Tulsi Gabbard

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When we put our troops in harm’s way it’s critical there’s a clear objective that actually serves our country's national security interests. Our troops in Iraq and Syria are being put in unnecessary risk, in a quagmire with no clear mission… #NoWarWithIran #StandWithTulsi

Posted on January 10th, 2020
Last night as America, really did for a moment
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seem on the brink of war with Iran. Some users on
Twitter voiced their displeasure by tweeting the hashtag, I voted for Hillary. It was a nice little rhetorical win until Hillary Clinton herself had to join in. The message of course is that: President Hillary would not be starting a war with Iran.

Was that True, War? Would Hillary Clinton be maybe the single most likely person in the history of America to start a war with Iran. Remember as Secretary of State she Bragged about overthrowing Muammar Gaddafi (upper right) in Libya, how'd that work, they they're now selling Slaves in downtown Tripoli. 


Ho Ho Ho we Killed Him, Ho killing people is Hilarious especially when country's fall apart and Slave markets Open. Anyway if anything Hillary Clinton's intentions toward Iran were even more Bloodthirsty in 2008 which was a long time ago, the first time she is running for President. She warned that Iran had better be ready,  because she was going to Crush Them if Iran were to launch a nuclear attack on Israel.

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What would our response be? I want the Iranians to know if I'm the President we will attack Iran, whatever stage of development they might be in their nuclear weapons program in the next 10 years, during which they might Foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them!

Yeah, so just in case you didn't remember, the Hillary Clinton was the urn neocon because she was and is, there you go.

One person who may remember is congressman and Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, she joins us onset tonight congressman thanks so much for coming on.

So, whatever you think of Hillary, and I you know, I think she's capable in certain ways. I'm not I don't think everything about her is Bad but kind of a Full Blown Neocon, no or am I imagining that?

I think everybody knows and understands she is a War Monger and it is her record that, that is proof
Totally right, I Love that phrase you showed in the clip about Libya. 

Look to her influence on going to launch a regime change war in Syria, Libya you look throughout obviously her support for the war in Iraq, throughout her history, her track record is well known and I think this is Why a lot of people back in 2016, in the general election, decided they would vote for Trump because of what he was saying on the campaign trail about ending Stupid wars and bringing our troops home.

The problem now though is, and I'm out on the campaign trail and hearing from a lot of people who had voted for Trump largely because of this issue and and their concern about how rather than ending Stupid wars and bringing our troops home. What they're seeing is more of our troops being deployed to the Middle East and now us, our country at war with Iran.
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They're coming and saying hey Tulsi we're confident that you as President, commander in chief will actually end these long standing regime change wars.

So what should we think, you make it entirely you make a fair point. So what should we do going forward? So we opened the show with a call for a complete withdrawal from Iraq.

Yeah, you served there.

Yeah, the US Army, I am the only candidate running for President who served in uniform in Iraq, and so what I understand below very clearly the situation there and Yes for days now I've been calling for our troops from Iraq and Syria to come home and here's Why when we deploy our troops down range, when they're in harm's way there has to be a very clear mission that's achievable or they know exactly what they're doing there and why and that, that mission actually serves our country's national interests, Yes but that's not what's happening. Right now I think in Iraq especially, we see how our troop are there, their mission there they were supposed to be there to prevent a resurgence of ISIS and al Qaeda but that's not what's happening now. With the US commander in Iraq announcing a couple of days ago that our US troops will no longer be putting any efforts towards preventing al Qaeda and ISIS from mounting a resurgence, because they will have to dedicate all of their resources and efforts towards mounting a defensive posture against Iranian forces and Iranian backed shia malitias.

So, I am not endorsing Iran obviously of course not. But just in point of fact because facts do matter, Yes in 2020. 
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Wasn't Iran one of the forces that
overcame ISIS or am I imagining? Yes and in Iraq there was this kind of long-standing uneasy alliance between US forces Iraqi government forces Iranian and Iranian-Backed Shia militias (upper right) and the Kurds. They are all coming together to defeat and prevent a resurgence of ISIS and al-Qaeda and this is where unfortunately. President Trump's actions are actually undermining our national security in two important ways, that because our troops are no longer being able to focus on that mission of preventing ISIS from getting a resurgence, it's creating an opening for ISIS and al-Qaeda to reconstitute themselves and to pose a threat to our forces to our country and the people in the region and secondly Iran is now as they've announced, they're no longer complying with any restrictions that were in the Iran nuclear agreement. Speeding quickly towards developing their own nuclear weapons capability, which puts us at greater risk and puts our allies in the world at risk. 

Getting our troops out of Iraq and Syria is essential because the longer that they are there the more likely it is that they are at risk and will end up in the endless tit-for-tat back-and-forth quagmire of a war with people wondering what it is all for exactly, are we turning our troops into hostages and we owe them more than that. I absolutely agree congressman, Thank You.

Thank you...

You know what Sucks, you will not vote for the candidate of your choice, you will vote for whomever is thrown down your Throat!!!

Kinda figured to fly loose, just videos, no words to share... The words are there, So Fucking Sick and Tired of the Democratic Party telling me who to Vote for, get over it Assholes, you gave us TRUMP!!! With your short comings I hate to say I see another term for a Moron you apparently IMPEACHED??? WTF is going on Here!!!! 

Every Damned time I watch Tulsi I think how much Hillary owes the American people, I think about her and the DNC and remember watching as this Shit went down, right there in front of everybody, but maybe not to those not paying attention, I was Furious!!!

If you are not seeing Democracy, you were never meant to...

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