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Trump Ally Michael Flynn Calls For Martial Law & GOP Falls Into Chaos

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Mr. President you have not condemned these actions or this language, senators you have not condemned this language or these actions this has to stop we need you to step up and if you're going to take a position of leadership show some! This is elections this is the backbone of democracy and all of you who have not said a Damned word are complicit in this, it's too much yes that was Gabriel
Sterling an angry Gabriel Sterling the voting systems implementation manager for the state of Georgia.
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He noted the death threats that had been launched at him as boss the secretary of state the secretary of state's wife even a 20-year-old tech worker well president Trump has now responded on Twitter of course president wrote rigged election show signatures and envelopes expose the massive voter fraud in Georgia what is the secretary of state and governor Brian Kemp afraid of they know what we'll find well it gets even worse a trump ally is now advocating that the president impose martial law get rid of the Constitution and have a new election Hello everybody I'm David Shuster thanks for watching soon after president Trump won the 2016 election he named a former general Michael Flynn as his national security adviser Flynn as you may remember did not last very long he was caught lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian operatives. 
He pleaded guilty to criminal charges and he was recently pardoned by President Trump.
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Well now Michael Flynn is promoting a group from
Ohio called, the we the people convention. They have taken out ads that Flynn has retweeted that urged president Trump to declare martial law and hold a new election the advertisements cite president Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus
during the civil war the group says then as now a president with courage and determination is needed
to preserve the union that's right the union is threatened because of election fraud but even President Trump's attorney general William Barr
says there was no massive election fraud he has told the associated press that the FBI and the department of justice looked into claims of election
systems being hacked and did not find any.
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Well, Barr is now getting attacked by some Trump friends. Lou Dobbs the host on fox business news says that Barr is mentally ill roger stone who was
also convicted in the rush investigation says that Barr is blocking for the deep state and Jenna Ellis who is helping President Trump with communications says that Barr's statement is bizarre what's bizarre is that the United States actually elected Donald Trump, a man who spent several years surrounded by these clowns.
Well..... President Trump has made it clear, that this is all a political ploy that perhaps he's going to run for election in 2024 he has indicated to associates that he's not going to attend Joe Biden's inauguration in January. 
President Trump would not be the first president to take this step, three other presidents have also decided not to attend the inauguration of their successor, but here's what's so amazing!
The last president to take this action. Andrew Johnson, that's right, he was an authoritarian a racist who was impeached... 
Yes, history repeats itself.



Face it Donnie, You Lost!!! As for Habeas Corpus, GW did away with it after 911, In case you folks have forgotten!


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