Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bad Government

Big government isn't the problem - bad government is the problem.  It doesn't matter whether Democrats or Republicans are in power.  After a change in government, the same policies are continued with very small differences.  These 'very small differences' are what makes up the puppet show that is the Republican-Democrat duopoly.   The party that was against it is now for it and the party that was for it is now against it.  Two examples are the stimulus packages and the assault on our civil liberties which continues in the name of protecting us from terrorism.

Of course, the problem is that our government is corrupt is because it is under the influence of big corporations.  It's a recurrent cycle of government feeding corporations feeding government.  And it has to stop.

The greatest threat to this corrupt system is the American people.  It's time for Americans to stand up and demand that the US become a democracy again starting with fair elections, unbiased media, justice in the legal system and accountability in government and industry.

Fair Elections

We need to take take corporate money out of elections.  Corporations don't get a vote and thus should be excluded from influencing elections.  Candidates and political parties should be financed by public funds.  Spending caps should be instituted.

Unbiased Media
We need an unbiased and independent media.  US media companies should not be subsidiaries of larger corporate interests.  Americans need to become educated about what our government has been doing to developing nations worldwide.International news should be reported every day including US involvement therein.  US media companies should have access to public funds if need be.  Along with unbiased media, include unbiased education.  University research should be funded with public money.  Our education system should produce knowledgeable and independent thinking students with a well-rounded education and a worldwide view. 

Justice in the Legal System
Our court system needs to be overhauled.  Politics needs to be taken out of the court system.  Again, the entire legal system favors the wealthiest individuals and corporations.  Long delays in trials favor those with deep pockets which can hold out the longest.  The legal system needs to be fair, affordable, efficient and expedient.


We need to make our politicians accountable to the American people.  Corrupt politicians whose policy is grossly out of whack with their constituents should be able to be recalled easily.  We need accountability in our national budgets.  Every last dollar should be accounted for with no funds going to illegal activities.  We need accountability from our corporations.  Once, executives committing illegal activities went to jail.  Now, corporations pay a token fine and it's business as usual.  We need better regulatory policy and enforcement.  We need stronger fines and penalties to inhibit illegal actions.  We need the best environmental protection in the world as we have the most money and the best technology.  We need to stop the revolving door policy where people go from industry to government and then back to industry.  Regulations that favor big corporations need to cease.  Big regulations for big corporations and small regulations for small business.


Americans need to act now.  Our civil liberties are disappearing, our infrastructure is falling apart, our debt is out of control and our middle class is falling into poverty.  The US and really the world is quickly falling into a plutonomy - the elite and everyone else.  US corporations, which are now multi-nationals, no longer have to cater to US interests.  America is just another market.

We ask our corporations to maximize profits within the laws and regulations they are given.  That's the game.  But when they are making and influencing the laws they are supposed to be following, it's a huge conflict of interest.  Corporations should stick to making money instead of influencing voters, politicians, regulators and researchers.