Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Biases and Media Bias

First some mandatory reading:

Why Do People Believe Stupid Stuff, Even When They're Confronted With the Truth?

How the Right Wing's Worldview Is Torn Apart By Climate Change Science (Major Case of Cognitive Dissonance)

Gone With the Papers

Here's a short, off the top of my head list of right-wing propaganda:

a) Climate change is debatable.  It may be a hoax based on false data and even if it does exist there is no proof it is man-made.

b) Lowering taxes is the best and only way to stimulate the economy.

c) Citizens United expanded free speech. As well as every horrendous Supreme Court decision pertaining to corporations vs. individuals.

d) The war in Libya is not a war.

e) When transnational corporations do better, Americans do better.  Or what good for the corporations is good for the people.

f) Government is the problem. Unregulated and unfettered capitalism is the solution.

g) The main reason for the mortgage meltdown is the people buying mortgages they couldn't afford.

h) 'Too big to fail' isn't socialism. i.e. It's not welfare for the wealthy.

i) Tax increases and military spending are off the table.  Upcoming 'austerity measures' will be a 'shared sacrifice' due to Americans living beyond their means.

j) America right or wrong!

k) The mainstream media is liberal.

l) We have to expect high unemployment for the foreseeable future.

m) Globalization and free trade is good for Americans and developing nations.

n) We carpet bomb countries back to the stone age for humanitarian reasons.

o) America doesn't use WMD like depleted uranium and cluster bombs.

p) Indiscriminate bombing isn't a war crime.

q) The US supports freedom and democracy worldwide.

r) The Tea Party is a grassroots organization.

s) Taxes are a distribution of wealth.

t)  Obama is a socialist.  Not to mention that he's a foreign born Muslim.

u) Conservatives embrace democracy, liberty and freedom.

v) Socialism leads to fascism and the tyranny of the left.

w) Pollution self-regulates itself.

x) We are a good nation.

y) Milton Friedman was a great and independent economist.

z) Privatization improves efficiency over government corporations.

A) Big is beautiful.  Big corporations create more jobs than small business.

B) Monopolies are not necessarily bad.

C) Big business plays fairly with small business - it's just that bigger is more efficient.

D) 'Made in America' is so 1970s.

E) The stock market is a good measure of how well the middle class and the poor are doing.

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