Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is the NRA the government's friend or foe?

Food for thought: Is the government pro-NRA or anti-NRA?

Keep that thought in mind for a moment. Glenn Greenwald wrote about the over-Zealous prosecution of Aaron Swartz (on 1/16/13) which lead to depression and, ultimately, his suicide. It's a worthwhile read highlighting the two tiered system of justice in America: If you have access to the government, then no law is an obstacle that cannot be circumvented but if you oppose the government in any meaningful way then the government will attack you will the full force and might of the federal government. They will attack you, break you and destroy your life whether it be physically, mentally, financially, socially or other. Here's the article: Carmen Ortiz and Stephen Heymann: accountability for prosecutorial abuse.

On the same day that Obama laid out his gun control plan in a White House press event. The NRA has dismissed it outright and the chances of congress passing any meaningful gun control measures are slim. Why is it that the NRA is so powerful? Is this an example of a citizens' movement that beats down the government every time? The answer to that question is "No!" as the NRA is funded by the gun manufacturers See this and this.

Steven Rosenfeld is writing a series of articles on the NRA and its history which is excellent:
The Suprising Unknown History of the NRA
Overview: America's Gun and Violence Crisis; And: How the 2nd Amendment Got Hijacked by the NRA and Antonin Scalia
Can Obama Slay the NRA Beast?

Still, and this goes back to the "Food for thought" question, if the government is anti-NRA then the NRA sets an excellent example for a citizens lobbying group on how to take on the government and win. If the government is pro-NRA then back to the drawing board. So, is the government pro-NRA or anti-NRA?