Monday, May 6, 2013

US positioning to invade Syria

This just in: U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels used sarin gas: investigator

The plan to intervene in Syria and to reshape the entire Middle East was made a long time ago. See this, this, this and this.

Now no country in the world, no matter how insane it appears with blusterous threats, would intentionally start a war with the United States. So the ruling power elite have to make up reasons to intervene and invade foreign nations: humanitarian intervention, false flag events or preemptive war based on an imminent threat. If that doesn't sound like the United States you know, let me say this again: No country in the world is insane enough to intentionally start a war with the United States. See this, this and this.

The US is itching to intervene in Syria beyond aiding and abetting and providing material support to the Syrian rebels.

Obviously, the plan is to have the rebels use sarin gas (chemical weapons) and blame it on Assad and the Syrian government —a classic false flag event. The only question remaining is if the US is brazen enough to go with this false flag event or wait for something better.

The term "military industrial complex" doesn't do justice to the biggest players in perpetual war. The banks who finance and profit from endless war. The "petrodollar" which gives the US dollar its value as well as the importance of oil to the military and the economy in general. The financial-petroleum-industrial national security complex is more descriptive albeit a little long in the tooth. See:
The goal is not only to control the world oil supply but to isolate the US's biggest threats: Russia and China. Russia has already lost its Eastern Bloc, its Soviet Republics. Russia now stands to lose Syria and Iran. How much more can it take before it has no choice but to retaliate.


CNN reported yesterday that 42 Syrian soldiers dead in reported Israeli strike, opposition group says:
The reported strikes killed 42 Syrian soldiers, the opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Monday, citing medical sources. It said 100 people remained missing.
Syria says the attack followed another Israeli airstrike late last week.

Israel has not confirmed or denied that its forces were involved in any attacks inside Syria, but a U.S. official told CNN's Barbara Starr on Monday that Israeli forces conducted Sunday's strike, as well as one last week.
Glenn Greenwald, today writes in Israeli bombing of Syria and moral relativism:
Israeli defenders claim that its air attack targeted weapons provided by Iran that would have ended up in the hands of Hezbollah. Obama officials quickly told media outlets that "the administration is fully supportive of Israel's airstrikes".
Because people who cheer for military action by their side like to pretend that they're something more than primitive "might-makes-right" tribalists, the claim is being hauled out that Israel's actions are justified by the "principle" that it has the right to defend itself from foreign weapons in the hands of hostile forces.
The best way to understand the last paragraph would be to walk a mile in their shoes. The following article does an excellent job of what it would be like to do just that: It's time to face up to the problem of sexual abuse in the white community

Update 2:

This is the video from All Wars are Banker's Wars above: