Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The self-licking ice cream cone

Much as witch-hunts were about perpetuating threats so is our war on terror. We've know for some time that drone strikes create more terrorists than it kills. A recently leaked document by Wikileaks show that the CIA knew that Drone strikes are 'counter-productive' and increase support for insurgents. Didn't we already know that? Come on!

War is a racket, we know that already too. But this passage from Operation Rent Seeking is priceless:
"The syndrome the Bush administration created in Iraq was what former Pentagon critic Chuck Spinney has called a “self-licking ice cream cone”: the measures to fight the war on terrorism guaranteed more terrorists, which in turn guaranteed the agencies more money to fight the war on terrorism. The same process was at work with respect to torture and drone strikes. It is a great business model for contractors and bureaucratic empire builders, but far less favorable as a national survival strategy."
Chuck Spinney interviewed by Bill Moyers: here.