Sunday, June 9, 2019

Discussion with Tulsi Gabbard Hosted by Omeed Malik in NYC (full video)

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"I gotta tell you Folks, I am Sick and Fucking TIRED, of Corporate Media deciding who we can or cannot vote for come 2020, but let's be serious here... Bernie, yeah yeah... Biden what the Fuck ever!!! The DNC gave us Trump, so what the Fuck do you expect to do, who will you Vote for??? Easy, you will vote for who the DNC says you will, here's a Big Go Fuck You DNC, you screwed us in 2016!!!" I am rooting for a veteran who has seen both sides, one who has served, where was Donnie Jr.??? Did he serve, did any of the Trump family ever serve this country??? You got it, they all have Bone Spurs, better than Bone Saws I guess. Get with it folks, do your own homework, look beyond the Fear thrown your way, you want to be Counted, than stand the Fuck Up!!! If you agree, recommend this post... This is Grass Roots and the media is not on your side.
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