Friday, December 10, 2010

A little to the right...

A little to the right...
  • I believe in democracy.
  • I believe in free enterprise.
  • I am not a big fan of unemployment insurance or social security - social programs should be based on need.
  • I am not a big fan of unions in that it interferes with the equilibrium of the supply and demand of labor.  I believe that professionals should not be able to limit their numbers.  Secret societies should be highly illegal.
  • I believe the role of the government isn't to own or operate its companies.
  • I believe in free-trade in principle if it's fair trade.
  • I believe in transparency.  Governments agencies should not be acting in secret other than intelligence gathering.
  • I believe that governments should not wage war on foreign countries.  Foreign countries should not be exploited.
  • I believe that rules and regulations should be simple and fair to small business and large corporations alike.
  • I believe that estate taxes should be eliminated.
  • I believe in a fair, just, timely, predictable and non-political legal system.
  • I believe that the government should balance their budget over a complete business cycle.  That means running surpluses in good times and deficits in bad times.
A little to the left... 
  • I believe in universal heath care paid through general revenue.
  • I believe good free education right on through university.
  • I believe if you cause harm to someone or society in general then you should have to compensate the injured party.  That means taxes on gasoline, pollution, alcohol, tobacco, sodas, candy and anything with excessive fat or sugar in it, etc.
  • I believe that government must build and maintain infrastructure in the public good. 
  • I believe that industries in the public good or with extraordinary market share should be regulated.
  • I believe that fines should be high enough to deter unwanted unlawful/illegal activities.
  • I believe that companies that abuse their market share should be broken up.
  • I believe that individuals within companies should held accountable for their actions and crimes.
  • I believe that minimum wage should be a livable wage.
  • I believe in capital gains tax - triggered when sold or otherwise changed ownership (gift/death).
  • I believe that a society should take care of those who cannot take care of themselves.  I believe that the government should provide job training and jobs to those that want to work (excluding handicapped or retired).
  • I believe than tenants whether individuals or businesses should be protected from excessive rate increases.