Saturday, December 4, 2010

An open letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President Obama,

You've been pulling the wool over our eyes for almost 2 years now but we've wised up.  You may claim to be the great centrist and work with Democrats and Republicans alike to get the job done.  But we've seen the way you work.  You start by talking tough and holding your ground.  Before even negotiations get tough it's leaked that your willing to compromise.  Then it's leaked that your willing to compromise a little more, and then a little more.  It looks like that your in the pocket of the Corporatocracy.  Where shall we start?
  • Your biggest campaign contributors were banks and investment banks. (
  • Department of the Treasury: Secretary Timothy F. Geithner.  Straight from Federal Reserve Bank of New York where he was president and chief executive officer.
  • On Finance Reform Bill - gave them everything they wanted.
  • Department of Defense:  Secretary Robert M. Gates.  Nothing quite says no change here by appointing the guy from the previous administration.  No sign of either the War in Afghanistan nor the war in Iraq ending.  Defense budget up and increase of troops.
  • Guantanamo Bays shows no sign of closing.
  • Fair trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees.  Keeping Guantanamo Bay detainees without trial indefinitely.
  • Reappointing Ben Bernake.
  • Michael Taylor was the FDA official who approved the use of Monsanto's Bovine Growth Hormone in dairy cows (even though it's banned in most countries and linked to cancer). After approving it, he left the FDA—to work for Monsanto. Until last year, when he moved back to the government—as President Obama's "Food Safety Czar." No joke. (No. 4 from from
  • Health Care:  No public option.  Gave the HMO everything they could possibly want.  Didn't have public support.  Will force people to purchase health care or pay a penalty: probably unconstitutional.
  • Cap and Trade: gone.
  • Bush Tax Cuts:  Willing to compromise with the Republican-house-elect on extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the top 2%.  Why should the Republicans compromise when you've indicated that you're will to extend the Bush Tax Cuts for the top 2% in exchange for a few bones.
  • Protected the Bush administration from indictment domestically and abroad.
  •  The 'Making Homes Affordable' program was a joke.  It was completely at the bank's discretion.
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I think what I'm really upset about is what you've done to the Democrat party.  William Lyon Mackenzie King said something like, "
The first thing a politician does after getting into office is get to work on his reelection campaign."  Instead of being true to Democrat ideals or following public opinion, you've chosen your own 'please no one' strategy.  You've taken the 'moral high ground' as the Republican have made mincemeat out of you.

Finally Mr. President, if you really wanted to change the way Washington works then you should have started with bills such as:

  • Removing the filibuster rules.
  • Restricting corporate influence over elections.  (Corporations aren't people and cannot vote thus restrictions on their influence should have been legislated.)
  • Tackled earmarks, transparency and lobbyists.
  • Fund all candidates and put caps on spending.
The good news, Mr. Obama, is that you've been a good Corporatocracy soldier and I'm sure they will get you re-elected.