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Scorpions Announce New Album, ‘Return to Forever,’ and Single, ‘We Built This House’

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 by Dave Lifton December 20, 2014 10:39 AM

Klaus Meine
Not too long ago, it looked like the Scorpions were ready to call it quits. But nearly two years after officially canceling their retirement, they are back with a new album. Today (Dec. 20), they announced that ‘Return to Forever’ will be released on Feb. 20, 2015.

A press release on their website reveals that ‘Return to Forever’ will have 12 songs, with a Deluxe Edition containing four additional tracks (the track listing is below). There will also be a Limited Collector’s Edition Box. The album’s first single, ‘We Built This House,’ that finds the band reflecting on their 50-year history.

 “In the end, it tells our story,” singer Klaus Meine says of the new song. “We’ve built this house called Scorpions brick by brick and often quite arduously. From the first days in Hannover, the first concerts abroad, until this very day. We’ve weathered severe storms, but the house withstood everything, turned out to be wheatherproof and stable. However, building the house was never just cumbersome, but joyful as well. The joy of music, the joy of having experienced and still experiencing it all, the joy of – and the thankfulness for – the fans’ affection. We have been working hard for this dream, but we’re thankful as well for having been able to live it, and for still being able to live it today.” 

Earlier this week, the Scorpions unveiled the first string of European dates for 2015, with a two-week jaunt through Germany set for March 2016. As of now, there has not been any word regarding a North American tour.
Scorpions - We Built This House


‘Return to Forever’ Deluxe Edition Track Listing

1. ‘Going Out with a Bang’ 
2. ‘We Built This House’ 
3. ‘Rock My Car’ 
4. ‘House of Cards’ 
5. ‘All for One’ 
6. ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Band’ 
7. ‘Catch Your Luck and Play’
8. ‘Rollin’ Home’ 
9. ‘Hard Rockin’ the Place’ 
10. ‘Eye of the Storm’ 
11. ‘The Scratch’ 
12. ‘Gypsy Life’ 
13. ‘The World We Used to Know’ 
14. ‘Dancing with the Moonlight’ 
15. ‘When the Truth Is a Lie’ 
16. ‘Who We Are’

'Fucking Outstanding, this will be the first album I have bought in a couple years, and will be sure to add to this post when a North American tour is set up!!!' 

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