Monday, September 14, 2020

President Trump disputes climate change at briefing on California wildfires


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At a briefing with California officials on the devastating wildfires in the West, President Trump said he doesn't think science knows about climate change. CBS News correspondent Nikole Killion joins Elaine Quijano with more on CBSN's "Red and Blue"
Yup, just like the Fucking Miracle he Promised, someone shut the lights already!!!
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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee Signs Law Penalizing Protesters With Loss of Voting Rights

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Aug 31, 2020

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So since the start of the black lives matter protests
this year after the murder of George Floyd we have seen a plethora of different responses to the protester, you know in some cities they're voting to disband their police departments we're seeing some cities vote to defund police departments and then you know in some republican-run cities they just are not responding at all they think that these protests are inconvenient it makes them look bad, they don't like it so they're just um ignoring them entirely but then you have the worst of the worst and you have some cities trying to outright criminalize all of these protests because they don't like them and what we saw from Tennessee governor Bill Lee is probably the worst that I've seen with regard to how someone in power is handling these protests because he's trying to you know rather than speaking with the protesters and addressing their concerns. 

Make it illegal for them to protest by scaring them
because what he's trying to do is make it so that way effectively if you protest you could end up losing your right to vote, yeah so this is brazenly
unconstitutional but he's trying to find a way to subvert the constitution by criminalizing protests in a really sneaky and nefarious way so as Kelly Mena of CNN reports.

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Tennessee governor Bill Lee signed legislation on Thursday that will increase penalties for individuals caught camping on state property bill hb8005 increases the punishment for camping on state property from a misdemeanor to a class e felony that is punishable by up to six years in prison signing of the bill comes as protesters have been camping outside the Tennessee capitol in Nashville demanding a meeting with the republican governor to discuss racial inequality and police brutality since June according to the Washington post protesters are also asking for the removal of a Nathan Bedford Forest bust at the state capitol Forrest was a slave trader and an early Ku Klux Klan leader. 

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Campers would first be given a warning and those who refused to leave would then be charged with a felony notably convicted felons in Tennessee lose their right to vote which could be a major blow to protesters amid a high-stakes election year the bill was part of a larger package of legislation signed by lead that increases penalties for certain crimes like vandalism disorderly conduct inciting a riot and offenses to first responders the new bill took effect immediately according to the Tennessean so there's a lot to unpack here but first of all just understand like if this governor really wanted these protests to go away they're asking for something really simple here meet with them try to address their concerns legislatively but he wants them to go away and rather than meeting with them he's just saying you know what let's try to disincentivize protests in general and criminalize these protests now.

I know what you're thinking well this doesn't directly lead to them losing the right to vote but understand the way that they're trying to create this sort of loophole so that way they can penalize protesters by stripping them of the right to vote if you criminalize elements of the protest and say well this act in particular that we don't like is now a felony and that leads to you losing your right to vote well effectively what are they doing they're threatening the protesters by saying if you don't go away if you don't stop occupying these premises you're not going to be able to vote because you're not going to affect change by trying to reach out to us but you're really not going to be able to affect change if you lose your right to vote, so if you want that to happen then um keep doing what you're doing keep protesting keep staying here and occupying these buildings and you're going to lose the right to vote like this is extremely extremely disgusting! 

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Now this is why it was really wrong for liberals to clutch their pearls when Bernie Sanders in the left was talking about the need to re-enfranchise felons and people who are currently incarcerated because this is what happens if you make it so that way felons can't vote then it's really easy to disenfranchise them because then you could just change the laws you say okay well people are doing this so I'm going to elevate the crime that they're committing to felony vandalism now if you spray paint on a building that's a felony and as a result you lose your right to vote in Tennessee because we don't like it because rather than stopping all the protests by meeting with you and trying to address your concerns about a serious issue we're just gonna say fuck it you're gonna lose the right to vote we're gonna punish you even more like there's the carrot and the stick approach and this is the stick approach to say the least it's disgusting it's morally reprehensible this governor thinks that the way to get these protests to go away the way to deal with the problem is by pouring gasoline on the fire and I mean we all know that this law is going to be abused right !?

Maybe even if someone isn't occupying or camping out at a state building or the state capitol they may just be like loitering or protesting police officers will just grab them and say well they're camping so uh they get a felony now they can't vote like do you understand like we know this is what's going to happen we know this is going to lead to abuse even if they follow this draconian law they're still going to be even more abuse that's the product of this law because this type of law is inherently abusive, so for them you know anyone who disobeys their draconian laws they're going to say all right well you don't get to vote any more so think about this though like if you disagree with the black lives matter protests apply this to other situations like.

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I don't think personally we're going to be able to get medicare for all unless we occupy the us capital, right unless we actually sit in the offices of politicians but as a punishment imagine if they said all right if you stay here if you camp here that's a felony and in your state you lose the right to vote, like imagine what a slippery slope it would be if we start saying particular protest acts are felonies and people start losing the rights to vote because of it like this is dangerous like i think people who speak about free speech if they're not talking about these types of you know uh brazen abuses to the first amendment then they're not serious like the first amendment is something that we are losing like we're losing the right to protest more and more we're seeing cities and states implement curfews we're seeing crackdown on the first amendment and this is going to continue to happen unless we put a stop to it right so this is just you know another another brick in the path towards us losing the right to protest the right to peacefully assemble which is sacred and I think that everyone should be outraged! 

But the fact that we didn't hear much about this law in mainstream media shows that you know states are able to do things like this governors can sign bills like this into law and get away with it because nobody's paying attention nobody really cares they might believe that oh well this isn't them just losing the right to vote if they protest, I mean they have to do a particular thing to get charged with a felony and because they're felons then they lose the right to vote except do not understand what they're doing, do you not see the way that they're trying to subvert the constitutional and effectively make it so if you do something that they deem inappropriate if you protest in a way that they don't like they can take away your right to vote with some bullshit nonsense excuse like this that we know will be abused it's just it's dangerous and um it's a bad sign of what's to come if this continues. 

Hmmm I have not seen this mentioned around the orbs I usually visit as I have been overly busy the last couple days... In Fact started building this post last night. What do you folks make of This? 

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