Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Manchin Throws West Virginians Under The Bus


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Breaking news this morning:
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Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has just said he is a no on President Biden's
cornerstone legislation Build Back Better.
Take a listen. I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation, I just can't I've tried everything humanly possible. I can't get there.
You're done this is this is a no?
This is a no, on this legislation I have tried
everything I know to do.
I think he's going to have a lot of
explaining to do to the people of West
What's up everybody retired major Richard Ojeda here. 
You want to know the number one question I get asked every single day, it doesn't matter if I'm at the grocery store or the airport visiting my doctor at the VA? 
It's always, will you primary Joe Manchin?
Not to mention hundreds of messages I get every
single week on social media asking the same question. I shake my head every time and here's why.
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As democrats were
short-sighted, republicans play the long game. They think five to ten years ahead and with that logic that's what they've been able to do to. Completely control the federal benches all the way up to the supreme court, meanwhile democrats chase the shiny object and I'll be Honest sometimes I do that as well. We are willing to raise half a billion dollars to defeat Ted Cruz who gets one vote in the United States Senate and then we disregard Senator Dan Sullivan from Alaska who also gets one vote. We could have won and picked up a Senate seat in Alaska have we invested just a
little bit more in all gross last cycle. (?)
Now I don't want to harp on the past I'm
frustrated and so are you but to answer
everyone's question.
No I don't plan on running against Senator Manchin in 2024, and even if I was thinking about that it
wouldn't help us today, what we need to be focused on today is controlling things that we can control.
This year we have some outstanding democrats many of whom I've endorsed for the United States
Senate in states like, Ohio,  Pennsylvania
Wisconsin and Florida.
We need to win those four seats and we can win all four. Don't listen to the crap you're seeing on cable news that says otherwise and we can forget about Manchin and Synema and their votes. 
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Senator Manchin has
abandoned the Democratic party, but more importantly he has abandoned the good people of West Virginia. Senator Manchin
drives around the poorest state in the nation in his Maserati SUV and lounges around with his 
republican Senate colleagues in his multi-million dollar yacht, he does not understand the poverty
that the children of West Virginia suffer from or maybe he does and he just doesn't care I don't really know and I don't really care about Joe Manchin
Look as far as I'm concerned Manchin works for McConnell, it's funny because he brags all day about being his own man when in reality all he does is exactly what his billionaire donors tell him to do. He is a slave to their dollars and that is his legacy. 
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I need everybody
to listen up and listen up right now. We cannot lose this fight if we do it will
be the American children that will suffer, so for everybody crying about how they will no longer vote for Democrats I want to ask you, what it is exactly in the republican party that you believe in?
What do they stand for? Why do you think that McConnell and McCarthy running the show will be better for America? 
It is time we stop whining and get to work!
Mobilize, Organize and bring back the same level of energy that we had in 2016 or we will be living 2016 sooner than you think.
Sappers clear the way, Airborne
all the way! 



Crazy Chit, No...? What's your take on a Clinton 2024 Bid...?



Personally I would prefer a Gabbard/Ojeda ticket 2024... 



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Saturday, December 18, 2021

The Fight


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December 17th 2021


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That's how it started:
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Two years ago, a group of former Republican consultants
came together to fight the danger
their party posed to the American experiment,
a citizen's movement, not tied to any party
or special interests, Americans running to the sound
of the guns to fight for the country they loved. 
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America won on November 3rd, 2020,
but in the days that followed,
the last shreds of Republican party decency died, replaced by a violent, brutal, autocratic movement. Every day, we learn more about the plot to kill American democracy.
There is no compromise with this evil, with this hate. The choice is clear: will American democracy continue, or will it die at the ballot box, and in the courtroom? 
The Lincoln Project is not conservative or liberal.
It is American, millions united to do what we can
to stop the unthinkable from becoming inevitable.
We don't know if we'll win,
but we do know if we don't fight, they will succeed.
So we fight.
Join us.



Trump Won


So tell me.... Just Who has been made Fools of?


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Monday, August 16, 2021

President Biden promises DEVASTATING FORCE if Taliban attack US troops

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American troops are performing this mission as professionally and as effectively as they always do, but it is not without risks.
As we carry out this departure we have made it clear to the Taliban if
they attack our personnel or disrupt our operation the U.S. presence will be swift and the response will be Swift and Forceful we would defend our people with devastating force if necessary. Our current military mission we shortened time limited scope and focused in its objectives, get our people and our allies safely as quickly as possible and once we have completed this mission we will conclude our military withdrawal. Will end America's longest war after 20 long years of bloodshed the events we're seeing now are sadly proof that no amount of military force would ever deliver a stable united secure Afghanistan, as known in history as the graveyard of Empires.
What's happening now could just as easily happened five years ago,
or 15 years in the future. 
We have to be honest, our mission in Afghanistan has taken many missteps, made many missteps over the past two decades.
Photo courtesy of Times of India
I'm now the fourth American President to preside over war in Afghanistan,  two democrats and two republicans,  I will not pass this responsibly on to a fifth President,  I will not mislead the American people, by claiming that just a little more time
in Afghanistan will make all the difference, nor will I shrink from my share of responsibility for where we are today and how we must move forward from here.
I am President of the United States of America, and the Buck stops with me! I'm deeply saddened by the facts we now face, but I do not regret my decision to end America's war fighting in Afghanistan and
maintain a laser focus on our counter-terrorism missions there in
other parts of the world.
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Our mission to degrade the terrorist threat of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and kill Osama bin Laden was a success. Our decades-long effort to overcome centuries of history and permanently change and remake Afghanistan was not, and I wrote and believed it never could be, I cannot and will not ask our troops to fight on endlessly
another in another country's civil war, taking casualties, suffering life-shattering injuries, leaving families broken by grief and loss.
This is not in our national security interest, it is not what the American people want, it is not what our troops who have sacrificed so much over the past two decades deserve.
I made a commitment to the American people when I ran for President that I would bring America's military involvement in
Afghanistan to an end.  While it's been hard and messy and yes far from Perfect. I've honored that commitment, more importantly I made a commitment to the brave men and women who served this nation, that I wasn't going to ask them to continue to risk their lives in a military action that should have ended long ago.
Photo courtesy of Newsweek
Our leaders did that in Vietnam when I got here as a young man I will not do it in Afghanistan. I know my decision will be criticized,
but I would rather take all that criticism than pass this decision on to another President of the United States, yet another one a fifth one because it's the right one it's the right decision for our people, the right one for our brave service members to risk their lives serving our Nation.
That's the right one for America.
Thank you, may God protect our Troops our Diplomats and all brave Americans serving in harm's way.
Interesting Twist on any attempt of success to be called a Failure, I wonder what Donnie's excuse Is... Hmmm maybe that he was Fired before he would do the same...?

Trump Angrily Demands That Biden ‘Resign In Disgrace’ After Afghanistan Falls



President Biden BLAMES Trump for Afghanistan withdrawal

So, who is right and who is wrong, or has it become who is right and who is left...?
Originally posted at the Hill, one can easily see their posts are Pretty Pathetic compared to mine and I make No Money posting or  from Ignorant Disqus comments... Carry On!!!
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