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Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine speaks to sister after 20 years to find out she’s dying

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Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine revealed a heartbreaking call he had with his sister Suzanne, discovering she’ll pass away “in a few days.”

Megadeth is one of the most cherished classic rock and metal bands to emerge from the 1980s, and even those who couldn’t recount a single song would be familiar with the band’s artwork and imagery emblazoned on thousands of t-shirts. Known for big songs like Symphony Of Destruction and Holy Wars, the band was formed in 1983 by vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustaine, the same year he departed from the group Metallica. Dave’s lyrics have impacted music listeners for decades, but a recent statement from the singer has made fans emotional at his words without any need for accompanying guitar riffs…


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Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine reveals tragic video call from sister

Rock icon Dave took to Twitter recently to share “some words about family” in honor of National Siblings Day. “Life’s too short not to reach out to loved ones,” he captioned the post, which included a statement about his sister.

“I just got a shocking FaceTime video call from my sister Suzanne,” Dave began the statement. “Sadly she is going to be leaving this earth in a few days, as she is in the grasp of Parkinson’s and dementia, and is starting to have her organs shut down.”

Suzanne was 15 when Dave was born, and he reveals it’s been longer than that length of time since they last spoke: “That was hard enough, but the fact that we haven’t spoken in probably 20 years is even worse. Imagine my delight to get a FaceTime video from her today. Even though she can’t speak anymore, I knew it was her.”

Growing more emotional, he wrote: “I just kept telling her how much I love her and I know she’s going to be slipping out of her body and her spirit’s going to be free soon.”

Within the statement, it’s revealed they had their differences in the past. “… The fact that even though she didn’t want to have anything to do with me growing up because she was a Jehovah’s Witness, he explained.

“I kept trying and imagine how happy I am to have seen her phone call today and not be a butt dial.”  

Fans reach out to Dave with touching reactions

As of Tuesday, April 16th, Dave hasn’t followed up the post with an update on his sister’s current condition.

Since the statement was shared on Twitter/X, on the other hand, some of the band’s passionate fans—of which there are so many—shared their condolences as well as their own stories.

“Glad you got the time you did with her, really cool to see you share this side of you, Dave,” one replied. “My condolences on what she will face soon but that time spent was not only valuable to you but to her as well …better than never again, so sorry to hear about this …that disease sucks!”

Another empathetically wrote to the singer: “… Glad you got to see her, I just lost my father-in-law to dementia, I know how much of a bummer it is man, stay strong, sorry the situation is what it is man.”

“Love and prayers, Dave,” one reacted. “Thank you for sharing.” Responses continue to pour in for the Rock titan, and we’re sure you join us in wishing him the best during this difficult time.


Sad news to share, Dave has been through a lot of Hard Times in his Life, I do send Best Wishes. Maybe a good idea to keep in touch with your Loved One's while you can.


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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Donald Trump says he 'would encourage' Russia to attack non-paying Nato allies | BBC News

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February 11, 2024


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Now let's go to the US now and the White House has described comments by Donald Trump about NATO as appalling and unhinged he said he would encourage Russia to attack NATO members who  don't meet their financial obligations to the Western military Alliance NATO. Members have agreed to spend 2% of their GDP on defense Mr. Trump made the comments during an election campaign rally in South Carolina on Saturday take a listen.
NATO was busted until I came along, I said everybody's going to pay. They said, well if we don't pay are you still going to protect us? I said absolutely Not! 
They couldn't believe the answer they asked me that question. One of the presidents of a big country stood up said. Well Sir uh if we don't pay and we're attacked by Russia will you protect us? I said you
didn't pay you're delinquent he said yes let's say that happened. No I would not protect you in fact I would encourage them to do whatever the Hell They Want!
You got to pay, you got to pay your bills! 
Well earlier I spoke to Dr. Patrick Bury a defense and security expert at the University of Bawth and former NATO analyst I asked him for his analysis on Mr. Trump's comments. 
You know Trump is speaking to his base here, uh what you know we could call maybe the internet.
Angries and I've been engaged I'm a veteran myself been engaged with US veterans on this and the the level of anger amongst them. Normally when you
know you've been an allied military there's a good deal of respect and and joviality the level of anger amongst some of these US veterans about the fact
that uh NATO is not paying its way or many nations aren't paying its way, is quite extreme uh and I think in in some ways Trump is is playing into his base in that he's just regurgitating what makes him angry um but so it does have an impact and there's a real worry! 

I think emerging in NATO about this Fact!
One Russia has put its economy onto a war footing and it's increasing its capability relative to the rest of
Europe. Okay and in three to five years there is now an unlikely worse course of action but still a a a a a course of action leading that way where Russia
would keep going after Ukraine. Yeah especially if Trump was in the White House uh and there was a split within NATO about either over Ukraine and
should it respond or about how would it respond to say a small incursion which should in theory uh trigger article five. So I think that's really where the NATO alliance, is is worried is are these what if''s. There's now an emerging path where things could
get really quite Serious. 


Hey D!ckB@g, how Bout you Pony Up!

Pay your own D@mn Bills as well!!!

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