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Richard Ojeda, Disqus and 2020 Campaign

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Greetings Folks, as many of us know the push is on for who will win the democratic parties nomination come 2020... I think at times that folks do not know how to support their candidate of choice, so I thought it would be good to post what folks can do, and commenting through Disqus is a good way to go about spreading the word... I have had my Disqus account since 2010? If you look to the left on the home page, you will see many sites that allow commenting through Disqus, I have been posting at this site since late 2013, the last moderator here, Hence the only person that posts here, and I am Rooting for Richard Ojeda who is running for POTUS, even though he is rarely mentioned at the sites you will find to the left on the home page.

For those who do not know much about Disqus, you can set up an account for FREE, I have it on my phone, so I am always up to date when someone either Votes Up a comment I have made or replies back to me on a comment I have made at whatever site I was commenting at... The beneficial thing with Disqus, is: You may find folks out here in these intertubes that you feel you have things in common with, you can follow them, if you keep an eye on your dashboard, you can see where the folks you are following are either commenting at or Articles they have read and clicked on the Recommend button, I personally have quite a few folks who follow me and others who are following me... Many have found other ways to spend their time, as I did for nearly two years, due to a change in my personal life...

A couple months back I made this site accessible to anyone, you can comment here through your FB account or Google Plus, which sadly will no longer be a site, I think they said it will close in April, you can also comment here with a Disqus account, there are many sites out there that do not allow photos or links, however here at byebye, you can post both, I am a bit Old School, when I comment, I like to post a link that supports what I am saying to another commentor, I have no reason to say what sites those are, you will find them if perhaps you set up a Disqus account... As I have mentioned, the more people you follow and the more you recommend an article, the more people can see where you are and what you are commenting about, especially when you recommend, it gets others to go see what you are talking about, whenever I set up a post I always recommend and sometimes my followers will go check it out, the more a post is recommended the more comments are posted... Notice the photo I shared, other than my own recommendation, four others recommended that post as well, Hence you will find there were many comments on that post...

This is not the only way you can support your candidate of choice one of the things I like to do is copy a link from here and spread it around on Youtube, I do not always get many comments here and I am OK with that, I can view the daily page views and know my posts are making a difference, this site is set up to make money, however, I post because I enjoy and not because it is an Obligation and I do not always post about politics, that is my freedom of posting what interests me, and will never set this site up to make money... I share many posts at FB and if you stand behind what I am posting, you can simply reshare, I mean let's be honest, not too many sites be it online or TV are going out of their way to ever even mention Richard.

I have a few folks I follow who also post at either their own site or at others as well, I thought recently to change my Disqus profile name but I created my own Avatar and actually have a few others I have created but like going with my Tabasco avi, as that is how many people have known me for all these years, so you might ask do I fear for my Privacy, I will tell you this, we are not going to change anything hiding behind an Avatar, I have mentioned many ways folks can support their candidate of choice, how you go about doing so is up to you...

Catch you folks out on the intertubes!!!

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One last thing I would like to share, lots of folks are still Bitching that Richard voted for Trump, let's keep in mind he was a state Senator at that time and voted for the candidate he thought would best suit the working people of West Virginia, even though we now see that was just a Campaign Slogan!!!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 Is The Year We Knuckle Up

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Richard Ojeda
Published on Jan 1, 2019

Hey everybody - Richard Ojeda here.  

Its 2019, Donald Trump has shut down the government and Democratic candidates are still taking money from big pharma. 

In 2019 we're going to knuckle up and take this country back. This will be the year that we CHECK BIG PHARMA! 

This will be the year that we strengthen our unions once again and this will be the year that we take the fight to this President.

Here's how you can help: 

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Sign up to Volunteer at : 

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 Airborne, Richard DONATE:

Also read: The Law Is Coming, Mr. Trump - Part 1 & 2

So..... Let's get on with this, is it just me or did Donnie say Mexico will pay for this Racist Structure???

Ha, get a Life you Fucking loser and stick your Fucking Wall up your Ass!!! You have people out of work at the least worthy time of the season.... Remember how you said this would be Your Shut Down, pretty sad your Base has forgotten, but Fuck, from what I can tell they can barely Fucking type or Read... My best guess is a bunch of old white folks cutting their meds, eating dog food and crackers (no pun intended) with Obamacare, anybody care to deny???


Check out that Fool Pence, do you really see him as a threat if Trump is Impeached, look at him, he looks like he can barely tie his own Shoes or wipe his Ass, but remember..... Trump only hires the Best.

Anybody wanna share with me a better candidate, you wanna keep bitching he voted for Trump, you wanna pretend Elizabeth Warren was not a Republican, has she or any of the other so called candidates ever served this country? Time for folks to wake the Fuck up and see the train left your thought rational behind decades ago !!!

Deplorables Eh'???

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