Sunday, October 20, 2019

Take Back the Democratic Party from Corrupt Elite

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Join me in taking back our Democratic Party: 

Hillary and her gang of rich, powerful elite are going after me to send a message to YOU: “shut up, toe the line, or we will destroy you.” But we, the people, will NOT be silenced. Join me in taking our Democratic Party back and leading a government of, by and for the people!‬ - #TulsiGabbard #TakeBackTheParty #TulsiForPresident

Hard to Believe but even Trump is coming to assist Tulsi...

So what's the deal, does Donnie really support her or just stepping in cos he like many others Hate HRC???

Media Does Damage Control For Hillary Following Tulsi Gabbard Smears

I have a few words for HRC GFY!!!


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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Patrick Crusius

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The Asshole above is a product of the Asshole below, any questions!?!?!? 

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Trump And Epstein Once Partied With 28 Girls At “Private Event”

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Published By Ring of Fire
July 10th 2019

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Donald Trump is doing his best to distance himself from Jeffrey Epstein, but a new report by The New York Times has revealed that, in the 90’s, Donald and Epstein were the sole attendees at a party where 28 women were flown in. Just those two creepy men and 28 young women. While no misconduct has been alleged, given the history of both of these men it seems implausible that they simply played party games and went home. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

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In the last few days, ever since Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in New York, you've seen these high profile, current and former US presidents try to distance themselves from him. Donald Trump says, oh, I had a falling out with them years ago. You know, I haven't talked to them in well over a decade. You know, I didn't know Alex Acosta (left) done all this. He just applied for a job and gave, told me, look good. 

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Bill Clinton's out there telling us, I only rode on his jet four times. You actually rode in his jet 26 times, right? You know what's a few numbers here and there, but Donald Trump really is the one who should be worried. I know Clinton's got some, you know, pretty questionable things and hopefully if something happened, we'll find out about it. If he did something, we need to know about it and that needs to be the end. 

But Trump, Trump's the one who's being a little more dodgy about everything. He says that, hey, everybody in Palm Beach Knew Jeff Epstein. That doesn't mean I was good friends with him. And at the same time Donald Trump is tweeting out that nonsense. The New York Times breaks a story about how a Florida business owner back in 1992 actually threw a party, was involved in the planning of a party for Trump and Jeff Epstein. 

It's supposed to be a big party. They were flying in 28 girls to be at this party. Some business man shows up there. He says, who else is coming? And it's just Donald Trump, Jeff Epstein, and 28 girls here. I'm going to read you a couple paragraphs out of this New York Times piece because it is just absolutely phenomenal. "It was supposed to be an exclusive party at Mar-a-Lago, Donald J. Trump’s members-only club in Palm Beach, Fla. 

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But other than the two dozen or so women flown in to provide the entertainment, the only guests were Mr. Trump and Jeffrey Epstein." "The year was 1992 and the event was a “calendar girl” competition, something that George Houraney, a Florida-based businessman who ran American Dream Enterprise, had organized at Mr. Trump’s request." “I arranged to have some contestants fly in,” Mr. Houraney recalled in an interview on Monday. “At the very first party, I said, ‘Who’s coming tonight? I have 28 girls coming.’

It was him and Epstein." As Mr Houraney and I says. 28 girls. As entertainment, whatever that means. And just Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein. Now, at no point does this Florida business owner who was asked to, uh, arrange this little soiree, say that either Trump or Epstein engaged in any kind of misconduct. There are no allegations from this particular party, right? But let's be honest, let's look at the history of both of these men. 

We know who they are. We know what they've done. The documents had been filed in court for both of them, really. But we know what kind of human beings they are. And at this point, it is almost implausible to believe that there was not some, uh, inappropriate shenanigans happening at this party with two predators in 28 young girls who thought they were going there for a calendar girl competition. This story is going to get a lot uglier for Donald Trump. And His story's probably going to be a lot uglier than the Bill Clinton story.

So.... It seems Epstein was in court today and it was not a good day for him!!!

Of course you know I had to snag up Bill Clinton's take on this issue..

So here we sit a White Nationalist 
Traitor sitting in Our House who never served this country, Stinkin' Shit Up!!! I see a lot of whacky shit out here on these intertubes including folks talking about a second civil war... On some levels I see we are being parted into factions, people of color, people of a foreign ethnicity (which surprisingly does not include white Europeans) and people who like other people of the same sex... I see the separation from the highest office of this country...

Crazy shit wouldn't you say, we got Pelosi sitting on her fingers giving members of her own party some grief and calling for Unity??? WTF is wrong here!!!!

Do you really believe Joe Biden is the ticket, let's be Serious it matters not who raises the most money, what matters is who has a better platform, a younger idea of seeking this country's future, so you can bet your Ass I am not talking about Bernie, as Far as I am concerned Bernie is the Perot of 2020, (RIP) I admit I am a Fan and thought she did quite well in the first debates, I give you Tulsi Gabbard!!!

 So.... I am guessing you thought this was the end of the story, Not Even a Mouse, This is the end of the Story...

Donald Trump & Jeffrey Epstein Rape Lawsuit and Affidavits


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What a Huge cast of well known performers including that Stupid Wench that gave us Trump!!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Discussion with Tulsi Gabbard Hosted by Omeed Malik in NYC (full video)

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"I gotta tell you Folks, I am Sick and Fucking TIRED, of Corporate Media deciding who we can or cannot vote for come 2020, but let's be serious here... Bernie, yeah yeah... Biden what the Fuck ever!!! The DNC gave us Trump, so what the Fuck do you expect to do, who will you Vote for??? Easy, you will vote for who the DNC says you will, here's a Big Go Fuck You DNC, you screwed us in 2016!!!" I am rooting for a veteran who has seen both sides, one who has served, where was Donnie Jr.??? Did he serve, did any of the Trump family ever serve this country??? You got it, they all have Bone Spurs, better than Bone Saws I guess. Get with it folks, do your own homework, look beyond the Fear thrown your way, you want to be Counted, than stand the Fuck Up!!! If you agree, recommend this post... This is Grass Roots and the media is not on your side.
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