Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bush Tax Cuts

Mindsweeper writes:
If the Bush tax cuts for wealthy get extended, even temporarily, I'm through with dems for good; no more contributions, no more votes for democrats or Obama.  DONE!
Very discouraging. Dems did nothing to investigate Cheney/Bush and now Issa is going witchhunting starting in Jan: (Repugs are ruthless, they ALWAYS take a stand together).  Dems are wimps... they NEVER take a stand on anything together and always cave ... 
It's such a no brainer for Dems to refuse to extend tax cuts for wealthy... if the Repugs want to hold extending middle class cuts hostage to cuts for wealthy let 'em!
 I'll try to keep blogging but I'm choking on my puke...  Sarah Palin is Obama's only hope.
My response:
I think you have a friend with Michael Moore.  From:, on election day he wrote:
Finally, we must let the Democratic politicians know that our vote comes with one big condition: If they do not straighten up, get a spine and do what we expect of them, we will find alternate candidates to run against them in 2012. And we mean it. Go vote today, but also sign this petition that I'll deliver to every elected Democrat -- the "I'm Voting Democratic But I Will Work to Defeat You Next Time If You Don't Do Your Job" petition, aka "The Democrats on Probation" petition. Let's publicly put them on notice that we'll give them just two more years to start doing the things we elected them to do. If they move one more inch to the "center" or to the right, they will never get our vote again. And we mean business.
I guess we have to put Obama on that list.  Incidentally, he's not looking as good as he used to on the:
       The Obameter
Also, Michael Moore was on 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' on 11/9/10: