Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Corporatocracy Speaketh

Our government is run by a corporatocracy - a few big global corporations.  It doesn't matter whether  Democrats or Republicans are in power.  Or so claims John Perkins author of , 'Confessions on an Economic Hitman'.  I found a three part speech his gave at the Veterans for Peace National Conference, Seattle, WA on August 11, 2006:

    Part I
    Part II
    Part III

Also, here is a recent article he wrote for the Huffington Post:
     John Perkins: Disappointed in the Elections? Or Not? Think Again!

Basically, the CIA will go into a developing nation, corrupt and in-debt the government.  Then, when the government can't pay, we restructure their debt and force them to cut their social programs, desecrate their economy and force them to sell out their country on the cheap.

Sound familiar?  Yesterday, Obama's bipartisan deficit commission was leaked.  It included massive cuts to Social Security, Medicare, eliminating the mortgage interest deduction and increasing the retirement age - all which primarily benefit middle-class Americans.

The days of our government acting in the best interests of the middle-class are long gone.  Most primary and manufacturing jobs have been moved out of country, the labor unions have been decimated, minimum wage had been frozen for many years and is now pathetically below the poverty line.  Did I mention that income tax decreases will make the Bush Tax Cuts look like chump change.  Oh, but broader reaching taxes on the middle class.
Yes, the Corporatocracy has turned on their own country.