Sunday, November 7, 2010

Information and Misinformation

   True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and
   conflicting information.
      - Winston Churchill

You can be sure that for every study there is another to contradict it.  Who to believe?  Well, you can stick your head in the ground and believe whatever you want to believe or you can look to see who has an incentive to make that conclusion.  For example, if a study came out concluding that apples are good for you then I would want to know if some Apple Growers Association funded that study.  On the other hand, if someone concluded that apples are bad for you then I would be more inclined to believe it.  Who would want to discredit the healthiness of apples - Orange Growers of America?

We live in an era of disinformation.  Corporate interests work very hard to say that Global Warming is a hoax.  They have a vested interest in saying so.

I find it very hard to believe anything pertaining to food.  Especially manufactured food and/or supplements.  (ref:  Everything You Wanted to Know About Nutrition but Were Afraid to Ask by David R. Reuben) You can't even believe the American Food Guide. (ref : The China Study "Why you haven't heard this before" by T. Colin Campbell). Or just watch 'Food Inc. or 'The Corporation'.

One last quote:

   In a capitalist society, it is very hard to trust anyone.
      - Jacque Fresco in the documentary 'Zeitgeist Addendum'  

 We have an ally:

We have a foe: