Sunday, May 15, 2011


Last week, James Mulva, chief executive of Houston-based ConocoPhillips, tried to add a new activity to the list: asking big oil companies to give up tax breaks.
The Senate Finance Committee pulled Mr. Mulva and honchos of BP America, ChevronExxon Mobil and Shell into a hearing where CEOs repeated their usual sound bites: Getting rid of their cherished tax breaks would mean higher energy prices, fewer oil-industry jobs, more dependence on foreign oil, reduced competition and lower returns for shareholders.
Mr. Mulva went further, issuing a press release decrying "un-American tax proposals."

Not paying taxes, that's un-American.

Being too big to fail, that's un-American.

When huge multi-national companies are bailed out by the government, not only is is un-American, it's un-capitalist.

When extremely profitable multi-national companies are given subsidies, it's not only un-American, it's insane.

Raising health insurance costs to the point where average Americans can no longer afford health insurance, that's un-American.

Cutting off your nose despite your face by destroying the actual people who buy your products is un-American and sociopathic.

Invading countries and starting wars for profit, that's un-American.

Indiscriminately carpet bombing countries back to the stone age, that's un-American.

Using WMD such as depleted uranium and cluster bombs, that's un-American.

Torturing detainees, that's un-American.

Assassinating enemies, that's un-American.

Holding detainees indefinitely without a trial, that's un-American.

Being brainwashed by the media, that's un-American.

When all television personalities and pundits are either Democrats or Republicans, that's un-American and undemocratic.

Defending the government by news hosts is un-American.

Not criticizing you government, that's un-American.

Blind patriotism is un-American and dangerous.

Apathy and complacency as the corporations take over the government while continuing to curb your civil liberties is un-American and happening right now...

Wake up America!