Saturday, October 25, 2014

Elizabeth Warren Quoting Cenk Uygur?

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Published on Oct 25, 2014

"Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) brought her populist message Saturday to this small college town to rev up the final weeks of Sen. Al Franken's reelection campaign, but also to claim the mantle of the modern liberal movement's political godfather.

Speaking before more than 400 people at Carleton College, Warren repeatedly invoked the spirit of the late Paul Wellstone, the fiery liberal senator who died 12 years ago this month in a plane crash during his reelection campaign.
Wellstone remains a revered figure in Minnesota politics, and his brand of populism -- out of step in the Clintonian Democratic Party of the 1990s -- is now mainstream among leading liberal activists. Warren has become the most prominent public face of that movement, and the Wellstone disciples in this town 40 miles south of Minneapolis gave their approval Saturday.

"The game is rigged, and the Republicans rigged it," Warren said to loud cheers."* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from Paul Kane / The Washington Post:

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'Preferably I prefer Elizabeth, but many say leave it alone and let Hillary handle it, as there is too much at stake, what do you folks think???'