Sunday, October 5, 2014

Progressive Petition Primary Deadline Extended


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Published on Oct 5, 2014

Cenk Uygur ( host of The Young Turks gives an update on TYT's progressive petition primary campaign. Cenk has decided to extend the deadline for petitions to reach 1000 signatures to Nov. 4th. For more info go to

Elizabeth Warren -
Larry Lessig -
Bernie Sanders -
Bill Nye -
Jesse Ventura -
Alan Grayson -
Neil deGrasse Tyson -
Jon Stewart -
Al Gore -
Noam Chomsky -
Joe Rogan -
Denis Kuchinich -
Russ Feingold -
Ron Paul -
Sherrod Brown -
Immortal Technique -
Kirsten Gillibrand -
Joe Biden -
Brian Schweitzer -
Amy Klobuchar -
Dylan Ratigan -

Are you dissatisfied with Hillary Clinton as the presumptive democratic nominee for President in 2016? Are you hoping for a more progressive candidate? We want to know who you want, email us your choice of candidate at once we receive your choices we will publish petitions for your candidates at We'll leave your petitions up on our website until November 4th, at that point any candidate who has reached 1000 signatures on their petition we believe should be taken seriously as a legitimate progressive challenger to Hillary Clinton, we will leave those names up on our website indefinitely to see how many signatures those petitions get. Email your choice for a progressive challenger to Hillary Clinton at

'I don't want to sound like an ASS, but Bill Nye has my VOTE!!!'