Wednesday, October 12, 2016


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By: Caitlin Johnstone


I keep seeing the same phrase popping up over and over again in many of the various progressive groups I’m in on Facebook. It’s always a very short post, usually framed as a question, saying “Can we all just write in Bernie?” or “Who else is writing in Bernie? That’s what I’m doing.”

Whenever you see the same Clinton-friendly phrase suddenly being bleated out all over social media, you can bet super PAC funding is behind it. The New York Times recently reported that the principal Clinton super PAC, Priorities USA Action (which Time reports works closely with notorious shill super PAC Correct the Record), has ramped up its spending for “a multimillion-dollar digital campaign” to target third-party supporters. That means more paid Hillary shills saturating social media, for the purpose of stopping people from voting third party.

These people don’t get paid enough to come up with creative lines, so you just see them doing the bare minimum and saying what they’re told to say. It’s understandable; it’s probably psychologically uncomfortable enough to be knowingly participating in the subversion of American democracy for the benefit of the immensely wealthy, without also adding your personal creativity to it free of charge. I’m sure prostitutes don’t do more work than they need to, either. So you see a lot of repetition. They get the handbook, they regurgitate the lines pretty much verbatim, and they get their money, which I assume they then spend on chemically altering their consciousness to numb the pain of knowing what they’ve become.

It’s a really vile manipulation of our good-hearted nature and well-placed intentions, though, if you think about it. First, they rig their election and rip our beloved candidate away from us, then they cozy up to us with faux sympathy and rally us into a decoy rebellion using his name. They’re exploiting our dearest hopes and our highest aspirations. Absolutely reprehensible.

Why are they doing this? Easy. The elites of the Democratic party, and the plutocrats who finance them aren’t afraid of Bernie. They’re afraid of the Greens.

Bernie Sanders is in an abusive relationship with the Democratic party. They’ve got him saying what they want him to say, just like a battered wife talks about what a great guy her husband is and makes up stories about where her bruises came from. They’ve got him beaten down and folded up in their back pocket and doing whatever they want. If you want to write him in, it’s as non-threatening to them as if you decided to stay home on election day, because you’re throwing what is essentially a non-vote at someone they already own and operate anyway
A vote for Jill Stein, however, gets the Green party that much closer to securing five percent of the popular vote, which will secure the party federal funding for subsequent elections and give them that much more thrust in their path to becoming a mainstream political force.

Make no mistake, Democrats are terrified of this. As much fearmongering as they do about Donald Trump and his “deplorables” on the right, what they’re actually scared of are the progressives on the left.

If the progressive base of the Democratic party finally gets fed up and moves their support to a progressive party, that will be the end of the Democratic party as we know it. The only way they’ll be able to win elections if that happens will be by moving to the right to steal votes from the crumbling GOP, probably taking their place on the right and leaving a gaping hole on the left for a progressive party to fill. If the Democrats can’t make up for their loss of votes on the left by leaning to the right, the party will die, just like many, many political parties have died all around the world.
This is, of course, an absolute nightmare scenario for the Dems. A whole lot of cushy power positions will be lost should this happen, and the plutocrats who fund their party will have a very hard time working with Green politicians, who are forbidden from accepting corporate funding. It would be a fatal blow to the oligarchy and the industry of cronyism that’s hooked to it by the umbilical cord.

Do you know why the Green party is running a presidential candidate? It’s because, contrary to whatever expletive-laden Dan Savage shilling you may have read, running a presidential candidate is an essential part of becoming a legitimate party in American politics. If Jill Stein can make a dent in this election (and the bizarre contortions they’re already making to manipulate polling data is a good indication that she can), that will help give the Greens the legitimacy and recognition to become a force throughout all of the U.S. government.

Can you imagine that? Having an actual progressive party pushing actual progressive agendas? No longer having to decide which candidate is the least disgusting sleazebag to place in positions of power over us? No longer having to choose between the election-rigging warmongers on the left or on the right or do the math on which party will drop fewer bombs and kill less of the ecosystem? How great would that be?

Please share this information around. Post, tweet, talk to your progressive friends, share this article around, do whatever you can to fight this plutocrat-funded campaign of disinformation. Literally shout it from the rooftops if you have to; this is our door and we need to blast through it with as little inertia as possible.

Jill Stein is very close to Bernie Sanders on all issues, and is in fact even more progressive than he is on the few areas they differ. She’s a brilliant political analyst and medical doctor, a magna cum laude graduate from Harvard University, brimming with compassion and bubbling with good humor, and you can watch her melt faces with her foreign policy chops here and here if you have any doubts about her qualifications in that area. She’s absolutely the woman to carry forward the progressive revolution that’s rocking the world right now.

Don’t remain in the comfort zones of the oligarchy by writing in Bernie. Do what they have nightmares about: vote Jill Stein.

Tell your friends.

So, I have not posted here since March, there has been so much undoing in the world of politics, that at times all I can do is Stare off into space and wonder if I am the only one seeing the Fraud and Corruption. 

KB723 is Indeed my alter ego in the world of 3D and you have to know, I have to be really inclined when I set out to build a post I agree with and manipulate to my desires, I feel I add more to the original post and always post a link so you the viewer can go and check it out for yourself. The link is above this comment.

You may also find the link below a bit interesting as well. I feel the reason I felt a need to post this is, that there are so many people out there that may do a write in, but will your vote Count? I have seen many posts saying Bernie was on the write in, in all 50 states, I can't go believing, something I read on the intertubes, so I called my secretary of state and asked if this was true, fact is: It was Not!

This post is not to tell you who to vote for, it is to inform you that you should know your voting rights and regulations before you go to the polls, I however am taking the opportunity to stray away from the same Bullshit parties that have not really been of great welfare to the people of this country, or maybe I mean the 99%, you can take it as you see it, and remember, if you decide NOT to Vote, then don't go Bitching when you find Nothing has Changed!