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Democrats Might Go Easy On Republicans After Subpoena Threats

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January 22nd 2022

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Some members of the January 6th Committee are apparently growing worried about Republican threats to investigate Democrats if they go hard against Republicans via the committee. But Republicans have already said they are going to make that happen anyway, so now is the time to go as big and as hard as humanly possible against these Republicans. There is no honor in the GOP, and going soft on them now won't stop them from being completely jackasses in the future, as Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains. 

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A new report from The Guardian this week suggested that some of the members of the January 6th select committee are starting to get cold feet about actually issuing subpoenas to certain Republicans in Congress, to compel them to come and testify and of course, turn over documents to the committee itself. And the reason they're getting cold feet is because they don't want Republicans to retaliate against them. So here's what's happening. Republicans have made it very clear in Congress that if you continue to harass us with investigations, guess what? When we gain power, this coming November most likely, we're gonna do the same to you. We're gonna go and we're gonna form committees and we're gonna investigate Hunter Biden's laptop. We're gonna investigate the Afghanistan withdrawal. We're gonna investigate the supply chain failures. We're gonna investigate all these things and so now Democrats on the committee are starting to say, oh God, we don't, we don't want that.


So maybe, maybe we need to back off our push to subpoena these individuals, which of course is so typically Democrat, right? Backing down at the mere thought of a threat that shouldn't even be considered a threat. Republicans are going to do this anyway and I know that because they've, they've already said that. Long before there was any kind of committee looking into Congress, Republicans made it clear that when they retake power, they're investigating everything the Democrats have ever done. Just like they did a couple years ago. That is their plan. They have said it publicly. So this new threat of, if you don't stop harassing us, we're gonna start harassing you. Yeah, they're gonna do it anyway. So don't you dare back down. Furthermore, what are you afraid of anyway? Even if Republicans take power this coming November, they get sworn in next January and then they say, okay, we're investigating Hunter Biden's laptop. Okay. Investigate it. You, you find any kind of criminal activity, cool, arrest people. Like I, I have no problem with that and I don't think anybody should have a problem with that. You want to investigate the Afghanistan withdrawal? Sure. Go ahead. There's nothing criminal about it. So go for it. If you find any criminal activity, again, great lock people up. I don't care which party people are from. 


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If you break the law as a member of Congress, you should be kicked out. You should go to jail. I'm not so tribal and partisan that I can't say that Democrats breaking the law, you know, they shouldn't be punished. No, they should be punished. If you think you have evidence to put these people away, then by God, put the people away, left right center, whatever the hell it is. Let's not have members of Congress committing crimes. That's what the Democrat should be saying instead of cowering in fear, afraid that Republicans are gonna retaliate against us. They're gonna do it anyway. And you really shouldn't have anything to worry about even if they do. Even if they spent the following two years investigating every aspect of your life, you should be okay with it. Not that anybody wants that kind of invasion of privacy, obviously, but if you don't think they're gonna find any criminal activity, tell 'em, go ahead, call their bluff in public though. Use it as a campaign tactic against them. That's a twofer, by the way.



So... What will the Democrats do now?



Trump Leaves Crowd Silent And Confused (VIDEO)




I say: Let the Idiot keep at it, he is only Digging a Bigger hole he expects his base to pull him up from? Pretty much as far as I am concerned, notice how he and McConnell are Visually Racist.? 


Mitch McConnell: Black people vote at similar rates to 'Americans' | ABC7



I sometimes think these Morons forget that All Americans are Americans.? What's your Take?

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