Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Debate: Why do US drones only target Muslim people?

Thursday Nov 13, 201401:14 AM GMT
Day after day people fall prey to US assassination drones in Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan, and yet a US government spokesperson has said that the US drone war could last forever. 

The Debate - US Drone Wars (P.1)
But does the US really have legal rights to conduct these strikes?

In this edition of the debate, we will discuss Washington’s drone wars, many aspects of which are shrouded in secrecy, and why it continues its deadly campaign only in Muslim countries.

We will also ask Brian Becker with the ANSWER Coalition from Washington D.C., and intelligence and military historian Nigel West from London, why the US continues its drone strikes in Afghanistan while it had stated that the Afghan war would end this year.


The Debate - US Drone Wars (P.2)
'This brings up a really good argument, what are your thoughts??? Does the U.S. really have the right to be killing who they say are the Bad Guy along with innocent by standers, and if so,  for how long???'