Wednesday, November 5, 2014

“Million Mask March” hacktivists take to the streets of Washington  

Posted by: KB723

So here we sit, some of us Shocked and some of us in Glee. Many are wondering just what the Hell happened last night and many who expected such a turn around, as this seems to be the norm of any POTUS serving a second term no matter which party. I gotta tell you I am Amazed and Dumbstruck as I never really saw this coming with all of the Nothing the republican party has done for the people over the last 6 years.

Or was it a reflection of a Divided Party? We all clearly saw how many seemed to turn a blind eye to the person seemingly in charge of their party, and odd as it may seem, what they thought could benefit them actually hurt them and not only that, it did cast a shadow not only on the party itself, but it's leader as well. But in the mean time, he is saying 'It's time for us to take care of business' interesting how this notion has just come to light with the lowest congress rating in as far as I have known.
Yeah I know, I have read all the goody two shoes words of accomplishments never stated and even ran from by his own party members. But now it's time to take care of business, Sheeesh stand back Ya'll, there's gonna be a whole lotta Ass Kickin'? Ha, I hardly think so! If this man has waited 6 years to take care of business, than why may I ask was so little accomplished during his first two years when both houses were democratically controlled and even then nothing really seemed to, as he promised 'CHANGE'. So four more years on top of that and we still sit mobile and going no where, does he honestly think he will accomplish anything in the next two years, lets be honest here, DO YOU?

I may sound bothered, well you know what, I am not the only one! And what kinda Pisses me off most is that there are many people gathered around the country and world who have had enough, I know I sure have and even more so that I have seen very little mention in our corporate media about today, November 5th! We got Barack up there trying to cover large holes with band-aids, for a party, not for the people, Hell he had 6 years to do that. So lets get with the Meat of this post, a Great Big Up Yours to the 1% and the 'Elected Officials' who support them and not the People... Interesting when you think about it, that would be, 99% supporting the 1%, Hmmm maybe it all works out in the Wash? You tell me!

“Million Mask March” hacktivists take to the streets of Washington
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