Saturday, November 22, 2014

Korean Act PRITZ Criticized for Ripping Off BabyMetal + Use of Nazi-Like Imagery

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by Graham 'Gruhamed' Hartmann November 21, 2014 12:03 PM
Love them or hate them, BabyMetal has become a worldwide phenomenon. The J-pop / metal hybrid act exploded in 2014 with the release of the band’s self-titled debut album, allowing the group to pack large venues even outside of their native Japan. However, a new band seems to be taking creative liberties from BabyMetal’s unique act, causing a major stir in the process.

BabyMetal began in 2010, and as the group started to gain international recognition, Korean pop / metal act PRITZ (Pretty Rangers in Terrible Zone) sprung up in 2013. On Nov. 17, PRITZ released a music video for ‘Sorasora,’ which mirrors the visual and sonic dynamics of BabyMetal. PRITZ is fronted by four young girls (as opposed to BabyMetal’s three) and is backed up by a group of hard rock / metal musicians. 

Those familiar with BabyMetal have been quick to criticize PRITZ for ripping off the Japanese sensation, but PRITZ has also come under fire for the use of Nazi-like imagery. Each of the four singers wear red and white armbands, reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazi regime. Instead of a swastika in the center of the armband, there is an X with arrowheads at each point. According to a representative for PRITZ, the symbol represents the group’s ambitions of expanding “without a limit in four directions.” 

The explanation hasn’t quenched the outrage against PRITZ, as can be seen in the comments section of the ‘Sorasora’ video. The clip also currently has around 1,400 “thumbs up’s” and about 2,000 “thumbs down’s.” 

Is PRITZ ripping off BabyMetal? Is the Korean act’s use of Nazi-like regalia going too far? Check out both BabyMetal and PRITZ in the clips below and decide for yourself.

BabyMetal, ‘Gimme Chocolate!!’

PRITZ, ‘Sorasora’

'Although PRITZ, does have four members instead of three, they are very uncanny in their appearance, so are they Ripping off BabyMetal, I will let you be the Judge....'