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Christie fires back at Trump’s newest attacks against him

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Let's talk about substantive international issues, you want to be President of the United States. Today the speaker, Mccarthy, he refused to commit to even putting Ukrainian aid on the house floor, After meeting with Ukranian President Zelensky.  How concerned are you right now Governor of the growing resistance among so many of your fellow Republicans to providing the desperately needed assistance to Ukraine.?

I am really concerned Wolf and given that I Kyiv about 6 weeks ago and met with President Zelensky there. I went and toured around the country and saw the barbarism being committed by the Russian army, the deaths to civilians, the kidnapping of over 20,000 children, and this is a war being funded by the Chinese, Russians doing the fighting. Now the North Koreans, and Iranians are providing weapons North Korean, providing weapons to the country. 

This is a threat to the United States. We have to stand with our allies and friends and do this, and I think this kind of shortsighted isolationism which is what Donald Trump has bred in our party.

You blame trump for this?

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I absolutely do I absolutely do. He has bred this kind of isolationism in the party. Not understanding that America is only at our best and strongest when we are leading in the world, and we leave that vacuum, the Chinese will fill it, Wolf. And all of these folks in my party who talk about how much they resent, are angry with, threatened by the Chinese communist party, this is the time to send the Chinese communist party a message.

Interesting. A very important issue that came up in recently days. The Biden administration will not, repeat, not be providing Ukraine with what they want, these long range ATACMS, missiles. When I interviewed President Zelensky at the U.N. Earlier this week, he said to me that such a move would be a major loss for Ukraine he needs those missiles at this desperate time. He needs those missiles. What do you think? 

I think that we have waited too long to give them all the weaponry they need to win the war. You know, President Biden has done better than President Trump did, and President Trump did better than President Obama did regarding Ukraine in my view, but here's the thing, it's not good enough. He's given them just enough not to lose. We want them to win. People don't want these forever wars. The way to end the war is give them the weaponry they need to defeat the Russian army. They can do it. They have made gains in the counter offensive in the late part of the summer, early part of the fall. Let's give them the weaponry they need right now. We need them to win this war. We need to give them, along with our European allies, the weapons they need. 

And I want to be precise, the Biden administration is not going to be providing the ATACMS missiles at least right now. They may change their mind and do it down the road. You think what, it's too late? 

It's wrong. It elongates the war. I mean, look, president Biden has to stop hammering on this. He was hammering on the Abrams tanks, F-16's, now on these ATACMS missiles. Let's give them what they need. Six months from now, we give them everything they need, and they're not making progress in the war, we have to reevaluate it, but we can't re-evaluate it smartly if we're not giving them what they need to win. 

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Let's talk about a potential, could be an enormously painful for so many Americans if there's a government shutdown, and it looks like there's a lot of dysfunction among federal Republicans on capitol hill right now. Is Kevin Mccarthy the right leader, the right speaker to deal with this very important issue?

I think he's the only speaker to deal with it at this point. You know, look, you have a very small number of people, as you know now, Wolf, four or five members of the caucus who are pushing it in this direction, but this is what happens when you have such a thin majority as he has. He's got the toughest job in Washington right now in terms of  trying to manage all of that. I think Kevin is doing the best he can. I think he was honest today. These folks are trying to burn the house down. He needs to be honest and strong about this, and let people know exactly what's happening in the country, and you know, let's face it, your job when you come here is not to shut the government down. It's to run the government more efficiently. And by shutting it down, that's a cop out. It's a cop out. We have divided government. We've got to come to a resolution with the senate and get this done.

I want to get to some of the political issues coming up right now. As you probably know, Donald Trump, he posted a series of social media attacks going after you. 


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Attacks against you last night. He called you, and I'm reading now, a grifter, he attacked your record as Governor of New Jersey, and he attacked your campaign. He clearly sees you as a potential significant rival.

Right. You know, he said himself, Wolf, a few weeks ago, I only attack number two. Well, he has stopped attacking Ron DeSantis. And he's started attacking me. You and I have sat here before and had this conversation. I told you that I was going to gain in this race. We have seen it in all the polling in New Hampshire. I'm second place in new Hampshire. We are going to take on Donald Trump directly. And he doesn't like it when he's taken on directly, and he's confronted. I'm the only one on that stage who is unwilling to raise my hand, besides Asa Hutchinson and say I wouldn't support a convicted Felon for President of the United States. He doesn't like when people stand up to him and call him out on the nonsense he's involved in, and I guess he had a bad night last night. Maybe he had bad Chinese food or something, a little indigestion, decided to attack me.

Keep it coming, Donald, and by the way, if he had any guts, he would get on the debate stage, and he's got things to say about me, stop hiding behind your social media site, your failed social media site, Donald, and start taking me on directly. Show up. Stop being a coward. 

The "Wall Street journal" editorial today said this about Donald Trump's refusing to go to the second debate next week. The headline here, "Why is Donald Trump afraid to debate," and then "Wall Street journal" editorial page wrote this, he's ducking with competitors who could challenge his record and platform. 

Why do you think he's refusing to debate?

If I had his record, I wouldn't want to debate either. Said he was going to build a big beautiful wall across the entire wall of Mexico, he built 52 miles of new wall in four years, and said Mexico was going to pay for it. They never did. He said he was going to repeal and replace Obamacare. Had a Republican congress, he couldn't get it done. That's not a record to be proud of and what he also led to was Joe Biden becoming the President of the United States, lots of Republicans like me object to that as well, and we want to win the White House back. He's afraid to get on the stage lastly because he doesn't want to face me.


Maybe we should be calling him Cowrump.?


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